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Stephanie Pratt stops by the ‘Super Trash’ suite in Park City 1/24

Living it up in snowy Utah, Stephanie Pratt turned up for the Sundance Film Festival festivities in Park City on Sunday (January 24).
The “Hills” hottie was spotted as she stopped by a suite run by ‘Super Trash’ - which is a new clothing line that was having a sneak preview in Sundance before being launched at New York’s fashion week.
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Audrina Patridge: Photos from Cabo

Audrina blogged:
"What a weekend!
I really got a lot done! I did almost everything that I had planned to do! We filmed for my show – and got to film with the fam <3! You'll get a good glimpse of my life at home with my family! I have the best time when I'm with them! I’m really excited to see the show come together! It’s totally different from what's out there.
On Saturday, my friends and family got together and we all went to Angel Stadium for supercross!! On Sunday, we all went cosmic bowling and I bowled a turkey ;) !! – that's three strikes in a row! Are you guys good at bowling? Topped the night off with some late night food, football and drinks! :)
Allssooo! Just got my hands on more pics from Cabo~! Better late than never! In these pics you can see my family and all the friends I made!"
Xoxo Audrina

How cute is that picure of her and her little sister?

Stacie Hall discusses 'The Hills', living w/ Holly Montag and Heidi's transformation

You’ll recognize her as the hottie bartender who almost was the dealbreaker for “Hills” couple of the year - Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. Stacie Hall, 23, is from LA and happened to be bartending at the right LA spot when filming began for the show’s fifth season on MTV. The perky, fun and VERY talkative brunette let me into her life for a bit and shed some light on the real Stacie Hall…
S: First off - what in the world were you thinking when you saw the cover of People magazine with your castmate (and onetime enemy) Heidi Montag showing off the ten plastic surgeries she got in one day?!
SH: I was just laughing. I felt so bad for her - and I was like Why? I mean clearly she wanted it. She just looks like a different person -its kind of crazy. why would you do all that esp when you’re so young? Those are procedures people get in their 40’s and I think they were really unnecessary.
S: Do you think she looks better?
SH: I thought the whole point of surgery was to enhance everything but I guess not.
S: Do you think that Spencer should have attempted to stop her from getting the plastic surgery?
SH: I kinda think they’re both aliens. I think they found the perfect person for eachother.
S: Have you had any plastic surgery you’re willing to admit?
SH: Actually, I might be the only one who hasn’t had work done.
S: Sooo - how did this all start for you - how did you first get on the show?
SH: It was really weird. I was working - and the producers were like “you want a mic on?” I was at the right place at the right time. It was just funny because I’d never met him (Spencer) before. I was like “is he hitting on me? this is kinda weird.” I didn’t realize it was such a huge deal.
S: Okay, for those of us who watch “The Hills,” - it was pretty difficult to understand how you went from being someone who was Spencer’s flirt buddy to someone who was suddenly BFF’s with Kristin Cavallari? How’d it all go down?
SH: Me and Kristin - we met at Spencer and Heidi’s wedding and we automatically clicked. After that we started hanging out. They’ve never really explained why we’re friends - which is weird. It just shows up that I’m plotting at her house. But, we’re actually really good friends - in real life.
S: Do you think the show accurately portrays who you are?
SH: I’m supposed to be her (Kristin’s) little bitchy friend on the show. All I ever say is “yeah okay” but I’d say - I’m a lot more outgoing and fun in real life and I’m not a crazy homewrecker. I’m a lot more like Kristin than any other people on the cast.
S: So I hear you’ve been living with fellow “Hills” castmember Holly Montag (sister to Heidi Montag) for the last four months- what’s that like? Is she a good roomie?
SH: She’s a lot different than Heidi - I’m like “how are you guys sisters”?? I didn’t realize she’d be that much fun. She’s a rager but she’s more the mom-ish type than Heidi would be… She’s very organized clean, responsible. They show her as being a drunk on the show but I’m like “If you’re gonna do a rehab thing then they should show everybody” because everyone is pretty much crazy. It’s kinda where they went with her.
S: We all watched that episode where the three of you - Kristin, Justin Bobby and yourself - are partying in Vegas? Do you hang out a lot with Justin Bobby? Is he a nice guy?
SH: Yeah, I think he’s a lot of fun. We hang out quite a bit. I think he’s very shy - everyone’s like ‘he’s so mysterious’ but its kind of a lot to take when there are so many girls and fights with Audrina and Kristin. He’s actually really laid back and super nice - probably the best guy on the show. And he’s hot, super hot. I saw him in a towel one day and I couldn’t even talk.
S: So you’re a bartender by trade… what’s your favorite drink to make?
SH: I would make up drinks every time I’d work. I’d make crazy things to make it more fun.
S: Your favorite drink to drink?
SH: I’m all about the shots. They’re quick and easy.
S: There are a lot of rumors that you dated or are dating your castmate Frankie Delgado - are they true?
SH: At the very beginning we started hanging out and kinda talking but i realized that it’s kinda not cool to date anyone you’re working with . I was just like- i have enough with all this - its the last thing I need.
S: So going from a bartender to a lead on one of the biggest shows in the country - where do you plan on going in the future?
SH: I’m from LA so it was kind of one of those things - I’ll figure it out. It just kinda happened. It’s kinda cool how it all worked out. I’m gonna go with the flow. Hopefully we get more seasons - but I’ll probably do something in the entertainment field. I think that’s the funniest thing. I drink a lot and talk a lot - and it’s kinda cool to be paid to be you.
S: If you’re such a ran of reality TV - what do you think of MTV’s latest show “Jersey Shore”?
SH: I think if you watch it once - you watch the entire thing.
S: What’s your favorite reality show to watch?
SH: Any VH1 shows. I kinda feel like they’re crazy, you know “For the Love of Ray-J.” They’re all like train wrecks.
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If you want to catch-up with Stacie Hall - check her out as she hosts the Winter White parties at Shrine at MGM Grand at Foxwoods on Tuesday (1/26) and The Estate on Wednesday (1/27).

Heidi Montag Pratt tackles Yoga post surgery

Caulked, spackled and freshly reupholstered "Hills" star Heidi Montag showed off her brand new swollen and bendable parts while practicing yoga poses in some sort of grassy field in L.A. this weekend.
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There are no words...

More Photos of Lauren Conrad hosting at Bank nightclub at the Bellagio

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Audrina Patridge Leaving Dillons Irish Pub 1/24

Stepping out for a night on the town, Audrina Patridge was spotted leaving Dillons Irish Pub in Hollywood on Sunday (January 24).
Audrina was swiftly led out of the local establishment by one of her security staffers and escorted off to an awaiting car.
Tweeting about the weekend, Miss Patridge wrote of the previous night: “fun night with the fam and friends… supercross,rockstar/hart n huntington party thenn bowling alley and kareoke and of course del taco!!”
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Stephanie Pratt at the Screening Party in Park City 1/23

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Khloe Kardashian and Stephanie Pratt looking fierce at the party in Park City, Utah.

Khloe Kardashian: "stephaniepratt and I are living it up in Sundance!!! Wooohoooooo bitches"

Stephanie Pratt at Sundance

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Steph seems to be having a fabulous time in Utah
she tweeted yesterday:
"had 2 professional snowboarders give brit and i a snowboard lesson...not a bad day!"
"ive decided im over surfers... its all about snowboarders!! love them!"

Kelly Cutrone: “I’m Easy to Hate”

credit - Aaron Gell for New York Magazine,
photo by Mary Ellen Mark

‘What’s up, sexpot?” Kelly Cutrone asks, eyeing our waitress at Aurora Soho, a cozy Italian spot not far from the headquarters of her boutique PR and marketing firm, People’s Revolution.
“I was going to stop by your office, like you said,” the girl replies, offering a shy smile.
“You want to work in fashion, we’ll get you sorted out,” Cutrone declares. “You’re my project.”
The fashion publicist, reality-TV regular, and newly minted self-help author is sporting her usual matriarch-in-mourning look: black leggings, dark shirt, hair pulled back, face bare. She turns to the restaurant’s proprietor and, after a little banter in italiano, informs him, “I’m stealing her.” She does this a lot, the fairy-godmother routine, at least when she’s not singeing the bangs off some PYT with one of her blowtorch reprimands—the M.O. for which she is perhaps better known. In three seasons of The Hills and one season of its spinoff, The City, Cutrone has enthusiastically played up her reputation as fashion’s downtown dragon lady, introducing one peroxided rookie after another to the eat-what-you-kill gestalt of the New York rag trade. “She just makes the stakes a lot higher,” observes Whitney Port, The City’s doe-eyed if implacable protagonist. “In L.A., everyone has this lackadaisical, easygoing way. With Kelly, you realize things just aren’t going to be handed to you on a silver platter.”
The result has been a welcome note of discord added to what can otherwise feel like a slick symphony of rolled eyes, gnawed lower lips, and pregnant pauses. Much like Simon Cowell, Cutrone is the “very unsubtle presence among a lot of subtle personalities,” says Tony DiSanto, MTV’s president of programming. “Kelly pops off the screen, which has made a big difference in the ratings and the buzz factor.”
Cutrone puts the matter more bluntly: “I have a reputation for being this total c**t,” she admits. “I’m a really easy person to hate.” She doesn’t take it personally. Characters on reality TV “are just iconic representations of aspects of ourselves. You have to be a blank slate and let people project what they will.”
Though employees and acquaintances rarely fail to note her maternal side, it’s a confrontational sort of mothering. Tagging along with her on a recent night, I watched one victim after another stumble into her crosshairs. MTV’s cameras were there to capture one such showdown for The City last season, a dramatic bit of full-contact shock therapy administered to Port’s friend, model Allie Crandell, who Cutrone picked on for being too skinny. Reached by phone, Crandell reports that she’s since put on weight but remains convinced that Cutrone exploited her for publicity. “It caused a lot of problems for me, and it just showed how mean people can really be,” she says. But even she admits “Kelly is entertaining, whether or not she’s a bitch. She’s good TV.”
Perhaps it was only a matter of time before The City’s breakout star would enlarge her empire, which now includes a television series, Kell on Earth, premiering February 1, and a self-help book, If You Have to Cry, Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You (out February 2). “We strip the f*cking curtains off the walls,” says Cutrone, who will still appear on The City next season. “People get ripped apart. Some interns have nervous breakdowns. People cry. They get fired. It’s the real deal.” And the recession has made things especially challenging. “It’s not a good time for fashion,” she says, noting that when the market first took a dive, “I realized, You better f*cking step it up and change something, or you’ll lose everything.” As billings dipped (anywhere from 25 to 30 percent, depending on the month), she gave up car services, sublet some of her 14-year-old firm’s office space, and often went without a paycheck. No one has been laid off yet, although Cutrone did fire one employee who had the bad form to ask about a bonus. People’s Revolution also parted company with a number of clients who were struggling to pay their bills. “Let’s not kid ourselves,” she says. “If your arm has gangrene, you have to cut it off.”
credit - Aaron Gell for New York Magazine, photo by Mary Ellen Mark

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Frank Ryan (Heidi Montag's Dr) Says Montag's Plastic Surgery A "Well Thought Out Career Move"

Reality TV star Heidi Montag's ten plastic surgeries in one day shocked America -- and now, speaking out for the first time, her surgeon Dr. Frank Ryan exclusively told that the stunning 23-year-old had the procedures done not only to enhance her appearance but also as part of a “well thought out career move.”
Ryan told us that Heidi decided to undergo drastic plastic surgery because she felt self-conscious about her out-sticking ears and protruding chin; but he also reveals she was motivated by the desire to look her best to excel in show business, an industry that, too often, focuses too much attention on style vs. substance.
"I couldn’t have done that," Ryan said of the ten surgeries in a day. "Sitting down there with the wisdom of someone much older and thinking: 'What is it I really need to do to propel my career?' Is it right or wrong to use plastic surgery to propel your career? I don’t know. [But] since Marilyn Monroe and back, its been happening left and right, so that was her decision."
Ryan also told us Montag’s husband Spencer Pratt was Heidi's rock when it came to supporting his wife in her bold decision.
"I think Heidi was 100 percent essentially, and Spencer was plus minus about it," Ryan said. "He wanted to support her because he really loves her -- they are both a really loving couple -- that frankly the public doesn’t know they are truly devoted to one another and loving, but he loves his wife and agreed to do it."
In response to an exclusive report by detailing Montag's father, Bill, being concerned for his daughter's well-being, Ryan -- who has performed as many as 20 surgeries on a patient in a single day -- said he believes The Hills starlet's decision making was sound.
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