Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Hills and The City: Episode Discussion

What did you think of this week's episodes?

Whitney Port & Roxy Olin: Filming in NY

Going about a typical workday, Whitney Port and Roxy Olin were spotted out in New York City on Tuesday (May 11).
The lovely ladies of “The City” were photographed as Whit hailed a cab and Roxy texted away on her phone.
Coming up tonight, an all new drama-filled episode of “The City” will air on MTV at 10pm where Whitney is forced to confront Olivia about not supporting her fashion line.
And of course, Ms Roxy Olin had something to say about the situation. She told MTV, "I'm definitely on Whitney's team with this and after watching it, I'm like, 'Oh, my God! You're not a nice girl and what you're willing to do [to people], and you're sabotaging someone's [fashion] line that they worked so hard [on], and have been your friend and have been in your corner.' "
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Whitney Port and Samantha Swetra: Junior Spring Benefit For Lincoln Center

Stepping out for a good cause, Whitney Port and Samantha Swetra attended the Inaugural Junior Spring Benefit For Lincoln Center Institute in New York City on Monday night (May 10).
Held at the Hudson Hotel, the girls both looked gorgeous at the charitable fete.
Meanwhile, you can catch Whitney in an all-new episode of "The City" airing later tonight (May 11) on MTV.
Writing about the new installment, Miss Port wrote on her Web site, " I hope you all had a lovely weekend with your families and mothers! You have to tune in to tomorrow night's episode because I finally begin to put Olivia in her place. No more nice Whitney!"
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Kristin Cavallari: Gas Station Cutie

Spotted: Kristin Cavallari filling up her car on Monday afternoon (May 10).
Clad in purple and black workout gear, the "Hills" hottie smiled as she strolled past the always-present paparazzi on the warm west coast spring day.
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Stephanie Pratt: Roe Restaurant and Nightclub Birthday Celebration

credit - 944.com, photography credit: Kevin Sam
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The Hills - Episode 3 - 2 Sneak Peeks

Thanks for the heads up S!
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Brody Jenner and Avril: Tweet Lovers

Brody Jenner and Avril Lavigne don't have to confirm their budding romance--because we just got confirmation from Twitter.
They've been sucking face and partying it all up all over Hollywood lately. And now they're tweeting their feelings for each other.
"I love you," Avril Tweeted to Brody, who replied to her, "Love you too."
Last month they got matching tattoos and this month they're professing their love for each other. Avril and her hubby Derek Whibley filed for divorce seven months ago and she's already in love? Talk about not wasting any time!
credit: hollyscoop.com
although Jayy scooped all the 'tabloids' by posting it first on the cbox :)!

I thought it was interesting that this sudden outpouring of twitter affection came after this tweet by Jayde Nicole earlier in the day:
"Just booked my mom a flight to Vegas next month for moma's day AND so she can meet my boy :) I can't wait!!"
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Brody Jenner: The Bonnie Hunt Show 5/5/10 (video)

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'The City': Erin Kaplan gets the job done with or without Olivia Palermo

By Carina MacKenzie for zap2it.com
During the first season of "The City," it was hard not to feel sorry for Erin Kaplan as we watched her go about her business at Elle. She suffered long work days alongside Olivia Palermo, who was constantly in boss Joe Zee's favor despite her apparent refusal to complete her tasks.
Kaplan, however, is quick to assure us that her co-star hasn't affected her day-to-day life at work as much as it may seem.
"My actual job at Elle hasn't changed at all, it's just kind of doing another job on top of that when we're filming," she tells Zap2it. "I'm making sure that I deliver on everything that I did before the show."
In fact, Palermo isn't around the Elle offices all that much. Though she's frequently featured on Elle.com in red-carpet photos, we'd be hard-pressed to find a piece she worked on as an editor, aside from her interview with Anna Sui that aired on "The City." When we ask whether Palermo is ever at Elle when the cameras aren't on, Kaplan says, "We're in two separate departments. She contributes to the Accessories department."
With her consistent refusal to compromise and her ever-condescending tone, Olivia may seem like a character fabricated for the purpose of the story. Kaplan says that's not the case: Olivia isn't any different on the show than she is in real life. "They obviously edit for dramatic purposes, but they never tell us to say anything. Everything you see us say and do actually happened as you see it."
Kaplan is the only cast member on "The City" who is seen only in the context of her career. MTV cameras never follow her home, out on dates, or to social events with her friends. "It's definitely a conscious decision on my part," she says. "We talked about having my family come on, and I just... I don't want to make this a sob story at all, but it's hard to hear negative feedback about yourself. As difficult as it is to hear about me, it would be that much harder to hear it about my family or my friends."
When a reality TV star claims to be protective of her personal life, we can't help but be a little skeptical. "I know it's a contradiction," Kaplan admits, "but I'm a very private person." In fact, Kaplan almost didn't agree to do the show at all. "I had a lot of hesitation about it. It took a long time for me to finally make the decision, but eventually, I decided it would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in terms of my career."
Kaplan has always made her career a priority. Even before "The City," she was the youngest PR Director in the history of Elle Magazine. "Right now I definitely want to stay at Elle. We're celebrating our 25th anniversary in September," she says. That doesn't mean she isn't planning for the future.
Recently, Kaplan met with "The City's" matriarch, PR guru Kelly Cutrone, to discuss her future in public relations. "She gave me some advice," Kaplan says. "She told me about how she started her own company when she was young. She let me know where she came from and what she thinks I should do. I value Kelly and I'm envious of her career. I think she'd be great to emulate. You'll see what happens."
As for the rest of this season, Kaplan hopes she'll get a chance to break away from Palermo a bit -- and we don't blame her. "I knew going into it that I'd be tied to Olivia," she laughs, "so most of what you see is me dealing with her. But I've recently asked producers to show me working on my own a bit more. I mean, I understand it's a television show and it's meant to be entertaining, so they're not going to show me sitting at my desk sending out press releases, but I do much more than that, and I'm hoping to see it on the show this season."
credit - by Carina MacKenzie at zap2it.com

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'Hills' Girls Make Maxim Hot 100 List

The Maxim Hot 100 List showed lots of love to the girls of "The Hills." Three of the show's leading ladies made the list alongside superstars like Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox and "Twilight" starlets Ashley Greene and Christian Serratos.
Audrina Patridge made the climb from #57 (2009) to #12 on this year’s list. She's joined by Kristin Cavallari who debuted at #76 this year, and Stephanie Pratt's hotness landed her a spot at #44.
This isn’t the first time the girls from "The Hills" have found their way on this list. Audrina has been making a steady climb up the list the last few years. In 2009, Audrina jumped 17 spots from #74 in 2008 to #57. But 2009 didn't see equally good news for Heidi Montag: last year Mrs. Pratt fell to #81, dropping a whopping 45 spots. This year, she fell off the list completely.
Congrats to Audrina, Stephanie and Kristin!
credit - mtv.com
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