Saturday, September 5, 2009

Whitney Port- Still Single in The City

Well, looks like Whitney Port is single once again. According to Page Six, the reality TV star's short-lived fling with Freddie Fackelmayer has ended.

Freddie, who is introduced as Whitney's love interest in the upcoming season of The Hills, and Whitney arrived at the Jane Hotel separately this past weekend and didn't say anything to each other.

One sources says, "She was there with a couple of girlfriends and he with a buddy, and they didn't talk. Freddie is a really nice guy but a total mess. Definitely not right for her." As long as Whitney does not go after anyone like Spencer Pratt, I think whoever she chooses will be just right.
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To be fair to both parties, I'm not sure they ever were in a relationship. There was a lot of gossip started when they were spotted filming together but they were only seen in public together a few times after that.

The above photos were all taken in June (on the same night) while filming 'The City.' Whitney is pictured with Freddie Fackelmayer and you can spot Roxy Olin and Samantha Swetra in the background.

Spencer Pratt: Doesn't Think Audrina Patridge's Apology Is Sincere

Spencer Pratt isn't buying the apology Audrina Patridge e-mailed Heidi Montag over statements she made about Heidi's Miss Universe performance last month.
In an e-mail that Speidi released to Perez Hilton on Thursday, Patridge tried to clarify her comments to her fellow "Hills" star, but Spencer doesn't think she's being sincere. He thinks that if Patridge really felt that her comments had been taken out of context, like it says in her apology to Heidi, she would have gone to the magazine they appeared in to rectify it and not to Heidi herself.
"What happened here [is that] Audrina got all caught up and thought she could say some things," Pratt told MTV News. "She just totally forgot about Spencer and the repercussions. And it's just beginning."
Spencer added that he initially wasn't going to respond to Audrina's criticisms, but he felt that he needed to defend wife Heidi over what he called "hurtful insults." "I totally was not gonna respond and not lash out against her hurtful insults that were completely false towards my wife's amazing performance, but once I saw her pull this [I had to]."
He guessed that Audrina was also probably prompted to apologize once she saw how angry Pratt got over the comment Ryan Seacrest made about wanting to see Heidi tasered. "She literally saw the repercussions around Seacrest, so she saw that and was like, 'Oh my gosh, what is Spencer going to do?' "
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Spencer referred to himself as King Spencer in his quotes but I deleted the King part because I am so not going there lol Also any quotes that Audrina made about Heidi have all come from the video below. I personally hope Audrina didn't apologize because I think she got it right the first time!

Kristin Cavallari Anastasia beauty salon in Beverly Hills 9/3

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Stephanie Pratt on Malibu Beach the day after 'The Hills' beach party 9/4

Sorry for the tags, they were the only photos available
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Audrina Patridge - Fila Girl

Audrina Patridge is one busy girl. With a popular Carl's Jr. commercial burning up TV screens nationwide, a producer credit on her new reality show, and the coveted honor of throwing out the first pitch at Dodgers Stadium under her belt, the Hills alumna now has another achievement to be proud of. Patridge is the new face of Fila in an ad running in the newest issue of Teen Vogue.
Looking like the sultriest girl next door as she poses in a field, Patridge donned a Fila Roses printed tanks (available at Dick Sports for those curious fashion hounds) for the shoot. Her spread is in the October issue of the monthly magazine which will hit newsstands on September 8.
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Heidi Montag Pratt stops at Cafe Vida for take out 9/4

Keeping busy ahead of the holiday weekend, Heidi Montag was spotted out at Cafe Vida picking up a takeout meal on Friday afternoon (September 4).
Looking cute in a sleeveless white top with jeans and flip-flops, Heidi strolled insider while Spencer waited in the car.
Earlier in the day, Heidi and Spencer shared breakfast at a local cafe before making their way to a local jewelry store.
Dropping some cash, Heidi reportedly chose an emerald type of ring with a black band to go along with her new magic wand she has been seen using as some type of spiritual paraphernalia.
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New (and final) Sorority Row Poster

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Lo Bosworth and Kristin Cavallari: filming 'The Hills'

Nearing the end of production of its latest season, The Hills stars Kristin Cavallari and Lo Bosworth spent the afternoon today (September 4) filming an episode of their scripted reality show.
In the new season, Stephanie Pratt refers to Kristin as a “disease you can’t get rid of” while co-star Audrina Patridge brands her a “man eater,” so it appears that perennial sidekick Bosworth will play the role of KC’s resident sounding board.
Meanwhile, after shooting an outdoor scene, Kristen was joined by Stacie the Bartender for some small talk over coffee. The pair have become quick on-screen friends in a sea of enemies.
The 6th season of The Hills brings big changes in cast and storyline, but the biggest question is: Will the show survive without Lauren Conrad?
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'The Hills' Cast filming in Malibu 9/3 (2 videos)