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Audrina Patridge chats about her upcoming new show and all that drama with Kristin Cavallari

It's no surprise that Audrina's ready for the next phase in her career, especially after seeing the conflict between her and Kristin Cavallari in the upcoming season. We chatted with her recently about the movie and what to expect from her in the future. Here are highlights:
On making Sorority Row vs. The Hills: On the movie set with all the girls — Jamie [Chung], Rumer [Willis] and everyone — we actually all clicked and we became friends because we actually wanted to be friends. Whereas on The Hills it’s kind of like you have to film with someone even if you don’t want to. I mean, The Hills is fun, but on the movie it was a totally different group of girls. It was effortless, I have to say. It was a dirty, fun, bloody mess.
On what to expect this season of The Hills: We’re almost done — we’re in the middle of filming the bonus episodes and will be wrapping, I believe, in November. They keep pushing it back. [This Season] I’ve been working more with artists on Epic records. There will be some new up and coming bands on the show. I’ve been filming a lot with Stephanie, and then of course I know everyone thinks there’s going to be a huge drama between [me and Kristin]. We’ll see what happens, we’re not done yet.
On keeping in touch with Lauren Conrad: We’ll text each other every now and then like, “I hope you’re well, I hope you’re doing good” but that’s about it.
On transitioning to her own show: Everything’s still kind of in the process. It’s basically going to be about my life— relationships, friendships, my passion for acting and getting into that. It will show everything behind the scenes in Hollywood. There will be glamor but it’s not as glamorous as it seems! Once we start filming we’ll have a better idea, but we’re trying to get everything in place right now. When we’re done with The Hills, then I'll work on the new show more.
On why everyone should see Sorority Row: It’s a fine line between horror and comedy. When you’re not laughing, you’re cringing. It’s sexy. It’s suspenseful. It keeps you guessing, but it’s also funny and scary. It’s super gory. All the ladies and the guys out there are going to love it!
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Lauren Conrad - twitter updates

Lauren's tweets:
2 hours ago - @lobosworth Dear Friend, I love when you shared your shoes. Your colds? Not so much. :-' cough cough

15 minutes ago - I truly believe that there is nothing frozen yogurt and Sex and the City reruns can't fix.

I so agree : )!!

Whitney Port and Roxy Olin - twit pic

Whitney tweeted: "Todays shoot... we were feeling the vampire look"

Back to School Shopping with Audrina Patridge (video)

Audrina Patridge takes MySpace Fashion shopping at her favorite stores. Get back to school tips from the star of The Hills and Sorority Row.

Spencer Pratt Lashes out at Ryan Seacrest for Bashing Heidi

Spencer Pratt's latest victim? Ryan Seacrest.
The Hills star tells that he's outraged that on Seacrest's KIIS0-FM radio show Wednesday morning, the American Idol host said that if he could tase a reality star, he'd choose Heidi Montag.
"I'm disgusted and horrified that Ryan Seacrest would find it amusing and entertaining to have his listeners call in about tasing anyone," he told Us exclusively. What's next, Ryan -- guns and knives? Waterboarding? It is irresponsible and offensive for someone with your platform to promote violence on this level. For someone who produces reality content, I'm shocked that you'd encourage people to tase reality stars. Would it be funny to you if one of your Kardashians got tased? Is that how you treat your talent, Ryan?"
On the radio show, Seacrest took calls from listeners. Others considered for what Seacrest Tweeted as a "funny topic" were The Apprentice's Omarosa, Tila Tequila and Daisy from Rock of Love.
"Finding humor in violence is disgusting," Spencer continued. "For someone who pretends to be mister clean-cut America, you really should be ashamed. Any reasonable person knows that a taser isn't a Super Soaker and can cause immediate death."
The reality star then cited a University of California study about the potentially lethal danger of tasers.
"I expect an apology not to just us, but to people everywhere for using your public voice to spread violence," he concluded.
To show his disapproval, Pratt also took to his Twitter page, where he changed his profile picture to one of Seacrest as a chubby child.
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For the record - I believe that no one should ever promote violence but the message gets lost in translation when it's being delivered by the same guy (Spencer!) who plans photo ops at gun ranges and has a machine gun on his birthday cake!

New Job, New Guy for Whitney Port on 'The City'

A new trailer for The City proves there will be big changes for Whitney Port when the show returns to MTV on Sept. 29.
First of all, her former boss Kelly Cutrone has made Whitney an offer she can’t refuse, to come back to People’s Revolution in New York, working “five, six hours a day” while at the same time working on her own fashion line.
Meanwhile, her former nemesis coworker at Diane Von Furstenberg, Olivia Palermo, is turning her promotion into a new job at Elle, where she’s already clashing with Erin Kaplan, a PR director for the fashion mag.
Since her days on The Hills, Whitney has always been focused on a career in fashion, but there will be two big distractions for her as season 1 continues. First, a pal from Los Angeles, Roxy Olin, has arrived at the doorstep of Whitney’s new West Village apartment, looking for a place to stay and a new job.
Second, of course, is a new guy. With Jay Lyon in her past, Whitney is single and hanging out with a cute new guy named Freddy.
Tune in beginning Sept. 29, right after The Hills, to see if Whitney can pull it off.

you can view the trailer here

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On Set Interview: Audrina Patridge On Sorority Row (MAJOR spoilers!)

Unlike her co-stars of Mtv's 'The Hills', Audrina Patridge has managed to break away from episodic reality television and enter the realm of acting. Her big break brings her into a different circle, that of members of a sorority who cover up an accidental murder in "Sorority Row." As the character of Megan, Patridge must contend with a cheating boyfriend as well as being surrounded by a number of bitchy and competitive girls.
In out on-set interview we discussed her trial by fire of being covered in blood, what movies scared her and how to survive shooting in the freezing cold.
How many times have you died so far?
Audrina Patridge: Oh, a lot. Last night we filmed so late and now, I mean, we’re continuing the rest of the scene tonight. I’ve died more than a few times.
Did you have the blood on you last night as well?
Audrina Patridge: Last night. So, it dried and was crunchy so we had to put it back on again. You have to get all the different angles. It’s fun though!
H ow are you surviving in the cold?
Audrina Patridge: Well, I think tonight is a little colder than last night. But, there’s jackets and heaters. It’s just being in lingerie when you’re laying on the cold dirt going into scene, I mean for my death scene I need to convulse and shake anyways so it kind of helps.
Did you come in to audition? Did they have you scream?
Audrina Patridge: Um, I actually got the script and I read it and I loved it. And I met with the producers and talked to them and it happened.
Had you been shopping around for a film like this?
Audrina Patridge: No! Something different. I want to expand my acting abilities. Like horror films, chick flicks, um, drama, comedy. So, this is my first horror film.
What can you tell us about your character?
Audrina Patridge: Um, Megan is her name and she is the sorority with all the girls and she’s sort of the sassy, feisty one and her boyfriend Garrett cheated on her, so like, all the sorority girls are sisters and we want to get him back for cheating on me, because if he cheats on me he cheats on all my sorority sisters. And so, we set up this prank and it leads to me really dying. But it’s been a great experience. I just got here on Sunday and we’re just starting so I’ll be here next week as well. I got to go in and do the casting for the mold of my face at the end of the movie.
How was that part, was it fun or?
Audrina Patridge: Yeah! It’s fun and I can’t wait to see it. They are still doing make up on it and making it look like I was dead and rotting and decomposing. So, it’s a great experience I’ll never forget.
Had you watched the original?
Audrina Patridge: I went and rented the 1983 version, and I watched it a few weeks ago, but this one I feel like it’s gonna be better.
Any input in your death scene?
Audrina Patridge: Yeah, you’ve got to put yourself in that character and take yourself to that moment like if you’re really going through that or if you’re really that person. It’s kind of give it your all. You’ve got to take yourself out of who you are become that character and really play the part.
Did they do a mold of your chest that they are going to spike into?
Audrina Patridge: Yeah, last night we did this scar and it looked real when I get stabbed. It’s really gross. So, there are lots of pictures and I just can’t wait to see how it turns out.
Are you a big fan of horror movies?
Audrina Patridge: Yes, I love scary movies. I always have. I have never really been afraid of them.
What are some of your favorites?
Audrina Patridge: Some of my favorites…’Amityville Horror’ is good. ‘Saw’ is different because it’s more like you are trying to figure out the whole game plan. Um, I loved ‘Child’s Play’ it's funny. When I was little I used to watch that. That actually kind of scared me. ‘White Noise.’ I liked that. And, ‘The Strangers’ really gets you to jump. That’s a new one that just came out.
Do you know what you are going to do after this?
Audrina Patridge: Well, I’m still filming ‘The Hills,’
Will this be mentioned on ‘The Hills’?
Audrina Patridge: No, they don’t want to incorporate that into the show, so, it doesn’t. I dunno. I talked to the producers about it, but they didn’t want to bring that part of my life into the show which is hard because it’s what I moved to LA to do and this is my passion, my love, so it’s kind of hard not to share it with the fans and bring them on the journey.
How was working with the cast?
Audrina Patridge: It was fun. The first night I got here we went out and had dinner and saw the city and I love Rumor and Brianna, Jamie and Margo, everyone. Lea. Matt is awesome. Everyone. It’s such a great cast and crew. We’ve all been having so much fun together.
You must be freezing.
Audrina Patridge: No, actually I’m not. Last night was cold.
Did you think you’d be in LA on a soundstage filming this scene, not on the ground?
Audrina Patridge: Well this is part of making movies and it makes it look real. I had to spit up so much blood it got in my eyes and up my nose and I had to just take it.
What does it taste like?
Audrina Patridge: It’s actually kind of good. (Laughs.) It’s sweet it’s like corn syrup. It’s just really, really sticky.
How did you get wet?
Audrina Patridge: Yeah, this is from me spitting it up and they added a little bit and we didn’t do the scar today but I just spit up a lot of blood.
And what do you think of wearing the lingerie?
Audrina Patridge: Well, it’s a sorority – lingerie – pj party and in the scene I am with my boyfriend in lingerie.
Have you shot that scene yet?
Audrina Patridge: No, we’re gonna shoot that next week. I’m getting my death over first. (Laughs.)
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Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag Pratt: Baby "Story" - version 1 & 2

Heidi and Spencer need to keep their stories straight. Take a look at the recent inconsistencies in their baby "story"

Heidi talked to MTV news yesterday about her desires to be a Mom:
"I think I was born ready. I'm very maternal. I'm very loving. I would be the best mom ever. Spencer feels not quite the same, but maybe he just doesn't know he wants kids yet. I think he never wants kids, but maybe I'll have a surprise for him." Heidi knows the consequences of surprising Spencer with a pregnancy — she may find herself in divorce court. "Spencer said, 'That's the quickest way to divorce,'" but "I said, 'No, sucker — you'll be locked in.'"

This would be truly appalling it it were true. But remember this is Speidi, do we ever get the truth from them? Here's what Heidi told Life and Style Magazine about kids and being a Mom just a few weeks back.

excerpt from Life and Style 8/24 interview:
L&S: So Spencer likes you curvaceous?
Heidi: He loves my new additions. I just want to be the foxiest wife.
L&S: What about being a hot mama?
Heidi: I definitely want four little Spencers eventually. But right now I love my body so much, I couldn't imagine it being interfered with for anything.

Rolls eyes...

Audrina Patridge and Jamie Chung (Sorority Row) interview with Just Jared

The Hills‘ Audrina Patridge and Dragonball: Evolution’s Jamie Chung doubleteam at the Four Seasons hotel for the press junket for Sorority Row on Sunday (August 30). Here’s the exclusive interview with Audrina and Jamie:

JJ: Hi Audrina! Hi Jamie! Are you familiar with our site?
AP: Yeah! I go to your blog ‘cause you’re nice!
JJ: Cool! With your growing careers, what actresses do you aspire to be?
AP: I love Michelle Pfeiffer - she’s one of my favorites! She’s done everything from Grease to a horror movie - something scary to drama, everything.
JC: I’m a big fan of Meryl Streep. She continues to entertain us and pulls new tricks out of the bag with Julie & Julia and Out of Africa. She just does so many characters! She’s inspiring. And never dull - always shines. Even in Doubt, where she’s playing a morbid, awful character.
JJ: If you could guest star on a TV show, what would it be?
AP: That’s a good one! The Tudors. [laughs]
JC: I lately have been obsessed, obsessed, obsessed with True Blood. That’d be fun.
AP: I need to get into that.
JC: You would LIKE it! You’ve gotta save yourself for a marathon. Anna Paquin’s stage brother - he’s so cute. Or Dexter!
AP: Oh, Dexter’s good too

JJ: What’s one rumor you could correct out there?
AP: There are rumors every day about me! The most ridiculous rumor I’ve heard is that I’m pregnant.
JC: Whaaaat?
AP: Yeah, can you believe that? Another one was that I got cheek implants and had my chin done…I got an eye job? No, none of that’s true. People just dissect me and it sucks.
JC: How do you hear about these things?!
AP: Friends, my publicist…or magazines!
JC: Oh my god! I had the most random rumor! I just worked on a job with all these awesome SNL comedians like David Spade, Rob Schneider - Grown Ups - and I went out with a group of us and they were, like, Jamie Chung. David Spade. Dating. I was, like, not dating…there was a rumor we were dating even on set. I was, like, that is such bulls—.
AP: It’ll get worse, too. There’s another rumor I was dating Kevin Connolly at one point. We’re just friends, that’s it! Kevin’s just my friend.
JC: That’s random.

JJ: Jamie, have you been Tweeting more?
JC: I have! I feel like I’m always lagging, like with Facebook or MySpace - I’m kind of slow, I take my time and now Twitter - I’m like oh, why not?
JJ: What’s up with your manly hands? [One of her recent tweets]
JC: Oh my god, I do have manly hands! Someone said to me the other day, and I shook their hand, ’cause I’ve been working out a lot - they’ve been training us hardcore and we’re lifting lots of weights and deadlifting and stuff. And my hands are starting to get callused from lifting weights. That’s from having a hard grip - that’s what I learned, you need to have a loose grip - sounds ridiculous. Anyway, I shook someone’s hand and they’re like, “wow, you’ve got some rough, manly hands…” I was, like, that is the rudest thing to say to a girl! Now I’m so self-conscious about shaking hands.
AP: Well, a firm handshake is good, but…
JC: Yeah, now we know why people are giving the fist. Pound on the fist.
JJ: Audrina, when do you start shooting your new show?
AP: End of this year, maybe early next year - there’s not a specific date yet because depending on when we wrap The Hills, we’ll go into that.
JJ: Can you give us any sneak peeks at all?
AP: Well, it’s going to be about my life - I want to do acting, so just every aspect - my family, relationships, acting, auditions, to events and Hollywood life - it’s not so glamorous! Everything behind the scenes, too. It’s going to be older, spicier, definitely more edgy than The Hills.
JJ: Jamie, when do you start shooting Sucker Punch?
JC: We’re in pre-production - as you can see from my bruises, we’ve already started training. I’m all torn up. What goes with blue and purple? We start shooting not this week, but mid-next week.

JJ: Can you tell us about your character at all?
JC: Amber - she’s one of five girls in an insane asylum. It takes place in the 1950s and I’m included in the fever dreams and the girls’ adventures but I can’t really go into detail. All you need to know is Zack Snyder has an amazing vision. Think of what he did with 300, he can do with girls. Pretty rad.
AP: I can’t wait to see it!
JC: I’m excited to make it! Let’s just hurry up and film it so I can see what it looks like!
JJ: Audrina - I hear you’re throwing out the first pitch at Dodgers Stadium - have you been practicing?
AP: I mean, at the beach we’ll throw footballs back and forth - I have pretty good aim - but after we’re done today, I’m going to my parents’ house to practice with my dad and my brother.
JJ: You can’t bounce the ball into the ground; it’s got to go straight to the catcher!
AP: I know, into the glove. I used to be one of the score girls when my brother played baseball so I’m a baseball fan.
JJ: Nice! Good luck!
JC: Has anyone done that - thrown it into the dirt?
AP: A lot of people!
JJ: Oh, tons of people. Yeah, I mean, when they can’t reach the catcher.
AP: It’s pretty far…
JC: It’s a baseball!
JJ: It’s not as easy as it looks!
AP: The trick is, you gotta go to the front of the mound! That’s what I’m gonna do.

JJ: Have you kept in touch with anyone from The Real World?
JC: I have! Robin Hibbard just had her baby - she had a baby boy, Brad’s about to get married. I tried to get in touch with Jacquese but he’s in Atlanta - I was just in Boston filming and I tried to get in touch with Randy, but everyone’s doing their own thing, you know? And I got to meet new people from The Real World, so it’s kind of interesting. And to tell you the truth, I watch reality TV! I watch those challenges like there’s no tomorrow. It’s funny because it’s your friends.
JJ: Are you going to go back on one?
JC: Absolutely not. No. I had my fair share. It’s time for the new kids to have their fun.
JJ: What did you think of Heidi [Montag]’s performance?
JC: Oh my God, I saw it last night.
AP: I saw a clip of it. It’s very Britney Spears six years ago.
JC: I thought she was cute.
AP: Yeah, she was cute - I just feel all those people who are really, really serious about music didn’t really have nice things to say.
JC: But it’s entertaining.
AP: It was very entertaining. It’s performance.
JJ: Coming from Asian parents, I’m sure they were skeptical when you went on Real World and started acting. Have you made them believers yet? I mean, you’re not a doctor or a lawyer…
JC: They’re huge supporters now. They’re my biggest fans. Actually, it’s kind of embarrassing more than anything. It’s like Mom, come onnnn! Don’t bring it up! They’re great, but when I went on The Real World, they were, like, “oh GOd, just finish college!” which I rejected.
JJ: What happened with Dancing with The Stars?
AP: I know, I was supposed to do it! MTV didn’t want to let me do it because the filming schedule, they didn’t want it to interfere with their schedule. But you know what? Maybe next season!

JJ: Where’s Corey these days?
AP: He was here yesterday! He actually surfs or rides his bike. That’s his life. He’s pretty lucky! And then I drag him around. I took him to get a Thai massage and then we went to the Griffith Observatory. We were, like, what can we do? We can’t go to the beach - it’s 4, it’s already too late - and I was, like, let’s go to the observatory! We drove out there and it was Star Day! So it was packed but the fires that are going on? It’s coming over the hill! You could see the flames.
JJ: Thanks so much ladies! Good luck with everything!
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Miss Universe Choreographer Michael Schwandt Talks About Working With Heidi Montag

Michael Schwandt, who choreographed this year’s Miss Universe pageant, has spent the past four years working with some of the sexiest women in the world. In this exclusive Anyguey interview, he tells us what it was like teaching Heidi Montag to dance.
So, of course, we have to ask about Heidi Montag. What was it like working with her?
I’ve actually not seen most of The Hills, so I think that was a good thing going into this because, y’know, I heard from so many friends, “Oh my God I can’t believe you’re working with her.” But she was actually super, super nice and she was very driven on this project. She rehearsed her butt off. I think we had initially scheduled about fifteen rehearsals, which is a lot for a 2 ½ minute performance.
So how many– how long was that rehearsal process? If you’re scheduling 15 rehearsals, what’s the total amount of time that’s going into that?
We kept them at about three or four hours, because I knew she was not a dancer and I didn’t want to overwhelm her. Plus, she’s got a busy shooting schedule. So we kept them to about three to four hours.
That performance was rehearsed for forty-five hours?
Yeah. We actually ended up adding more. She wanted to add more because she wanted to be more prepared. I actually only had two weeks of rehearsal with her and then I had to leave her with an assistant choreographer, and then that assistant had to go to join me at Miss Universe so then the dance captain took over for the last week, the lead dancer on the project. And the dancers themselves had, I think, four rehearsals in LA and then two rehearsals in the Bahamas. But she was very nice, very accommodating. Even all the way up to the moment we were backstage, she was just praising me for helping her get to that point, praising me for connecting her with the dancers who she loves and wants to use in the music video. It was all good. And I know that’s not what most people want to hear, but that’s the truth.

Did you see her after the performance? What was her reaction?
Of course I saw her right after and she was just on cloud nine. She was just ecstatic. I will say she’s not a dancer, and one of the reasons we worked so hard is because she wants to be a pop star, and she wants to be able to move. And I think, given that she’s never danced on stage before, I thought she did really, really well.
I try not to read what people say, and I looked at some of the YouTube comments and things like that and there were people ripping her apart. And I’ve seen a lot worse performances by some pretty big name celebrities on award shows. I mean, really. Katy Perry is not the best dancer, and she did a pretty poor performance, in my opinion, at the Grammy Awards and nobody slammed her. And I think what Heidi did was actually pretty on par with some of the pop celebrities out there today.
I think people are being unusually mean to her because they don’t like her for whatever reason, but I honestly think that she did the best that she could, and I think that her performance, comparatively to a lot of other pop stars out there, was actually pretty much right on. And that’s how I feel about it. People are just being unusually mean to her because they don’t like her for this, that or the other reason. Whatever your reasons are, whether or not you think she deserves to have an album, that’s neither here or there. I look at it as what the individual performance was and I thought she did a good job.

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Brody Jenner celebrates his Birthday in West Hollywood without Jayde Nicole 9/1

Brody Jenner stayed close to his step-sisters Khloe Kardashian and Kim Kardashian during his belated 26th birthday bash at West Hollywood hotspot Mi-6 on Tuesday. The reality star spent his actual birthday – Aug. 21 – having his appendix removed.
Asked what kind of present she brought for Brody, Kim said she came unarmed. "Not here. Not at a club. I'll give it to him at home."
Brody, meanwhile, avoided all media and snuck away to his party bus after the club.
Noticeably MIA: Brody's girlfriend (and Joe Francis nemesis) Jayde Nicole. Earlier in the evening she tweeted: "So bummed and upset :( its my boys official big bday bash w/ all of our friends tonight and I am staying in all by myself... I wanna cry :("
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Click here to see 4 more photos from Brody's birthday bash