Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag Pratt: Baby "Story" - version 1 & 2

Heidi and Spencer need to keep their stories straight. Take a look at the recent inconsistencies in their baby "story"

Heidi talked to MTV news yesterday about her desires to be a Mom:
"I think I was born ready. I'm very maternal. I'm very loving. I would be the best mom ever. Spencer feels not quite the same, but maybe he just doesn't know he wants kids yet. I think he never wants kids, but maybe I'll have a surprise for him." Heidi knows the consequences of surprising Spencer with a pregnancy — she may find herself in divorce court. "Spencer said, 'That's the quickest way to divorce,'" but "I said, 'No, sucker — you'll be locked in.'"

This would be truly appalling it it were true. But remember this is Speidi, do we ever get the truth from them? Here's what Heidi told Life and Style Magazine about kids and being a Mom just a few weeks back.

excerpt from Life and Style 8/24 interview:
L&S: So Spencer likes you curvaceous?
Heidi: He loves my new additions. I just want to be the foxiest wife.
L&S: What about being a hot mama?
Heidi: I definitely want four little Spencers eventually. But right now I love my body so much, I couldn't imagine it being interfered with for anything.

Rolls eyes...

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