Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Spencer Pratt Lashes out at Ryan Seacrest for Bashing Heidi

Spencer Pratt's latest victim? Ryan Seacrest.
The Hills star tells that he's outraged that on Seacrest's KIIS0-FM radio show Wednesday morning, the American Idol host said that if he could tase a reality star, he'd choose Heidi Montag.
"I'm disgusted and horrified that Ryan Seacrest would find it amusing and entertaining to have his listeners call in about tasing anyone," he told Us exclusively. What's next, Ryan -- guns and knives? Waterboarding? It is irresponsible and offensive for someone with your platform to promote violence on this level. For someone who produces reality content, I'm shocked that you'd encourage people to tase reality stars. Would it be funny to you if one of your Kardashians got tased? Is that how you treat your talent, Ryan?"
On the radio show, Seacrest took calls from listeners. Others considered for what Seacrest Tweeted as a "funny topic" were The Apprentice's Omarosa, Tila Tequila and Daisy from Rock of Love.
"Finding humor in violence is disgusting," Spencer continued. "For someone who pretends to be mister clean-cut America, you really should be ashamed. Any reasonable person knows that a taser isn't a Super Soaker and can cause immediate death."
The reality star then cited a University of California study about the potentially lethal danger of tasers.
"I expect an apology not to just us, but to people everywhere for using your public voice to spread violence," he concluded.
To show his disapproval, Pratt also took to his Twitter page, where he changed his profile picture to one of Seacrest as a chubby child.
credit - Us Weekly

For the record - I believe that no one should ever promote violence but the message gets lost in translation when it's being delivered by the same guy (Spencer!) who plans photo ops at gun ranges and has a machine gun on his birthday cake!

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  1. Kelli: Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours is very professional and I like it. Spencor Pratt ? Didnt he just lose it a while ago on some reality tv show?

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