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Jayde Nicole: Celebrates her 24th Birthday at Industry

So pretty! Love the tiara!

Kelly Cutrone: On Femininity, Fashion Week and Whitney Port's New Boyfriend

By Michelle Lanz, reporting by Mary S. Park
People's Revolution PR Firm founder Kelly Cutrone has made a name for herself by being one of the fashion industry's most famous no-nonsense, straight-talking fashion publicists. Her saucy personality even helped land Cutrone a new reality series, "Kell On Earth," which follows every blood, sweat and tear that she and her minions shed to produce the worlds most high-end fashion shows. Wonderwall caught up exclusively with Cutrone at Bryant Park where she spilled about her worst Fashion Week experience, femininity and what she thinks about Whitney Port's new boyfriend.
Wonderwall: Why do you think you can't be a strong female boss without being labeled all sorts of pejorative labels?
KC: It's true, you can't. It depends on who you ask. My take would point to religion and there's something called Christianity. I think that the concept of the feminine was bastardized. I think that people had a hard time controlling their sexuality when they went to find God and so they made women the enemy. There were civilizations where women were equal and
had power and sometimes more power than men and it's not really prevalent right now. And I think the sad thing is that we go to churches that don't let us speak and we give birth to these children as the light bringers and we raise them and we tell them it's OK. I never really thought of myself as a feminist.
WW: People are talking about Whitney Port.
KC: She still works for me. I’m still doing "The City" and we still work together.
WW: She has a new boyfriend, Ben Nemtin. What about her makes her such a great girlfriend?
KC: Whitney likes nice guys. She just likes very handsome [guys]. I mean, she's like the perfect daughter if you think about it. She likes the kind of guys my mom always wanted me to like that I never could. She just likes really smart, really rich, sweet, cool handsome guys.
[That's] never been my thing. I like mean, broke ... yeah, I totally love the bad boys.
WW: Have you met Ben Nemtin?
KC: Her new boyfriend? We met for a second, but I knew about him probably before anybody else did. He's sweet, [but] I don't really know him. I can't say yet. She knew that I didn't like Jay [Lyon]. I thought Jay and I were going to go for blood on the show. One night we were actually going to throw down because my daughter, who is 7, was the one who discovered that his name wasn’t even Jay. Ava found it on the Internet. I just couldn’t stand his overbite and his accent, they drove me crazy.
WW: What advice would you give to people who want to make it in the fashion industry?
KC: I think you should really understand the business before you understand the buzz. I think a lot of people follow the buzz and they don’t really understand the business. If it appeals to you, it's kind of like being in the circus, you have to really want to do it. It's like a special dog. You know what I mean? It's not for everybody.
WW: What is your fondest memory of Fashion Week at Bryant Park?
KC: I think the first time I came here was with Randolph Duke and Vivian Tam and I had no idea what I was doing. I remember walking in and Bob
Mackie, I don't know how, had pushed me by accident up against the wall and I took that as a blessing. I walked in and Fern [Mallis] winked at me. I came here a stranger, and I left here a member of the community. When you're an adult and you enter into a world and you leave a friend of that world and provocateur of that world and a member -- and also a leader and a thinker of that world -- I feel like that's what we want our kids to do, right? So I feel good. I’m going to miss Bryant Park. If I really think about it, I’ll cry. It totally raised me up. When I came here, I had no clue what was going on.
WW: What's the worst thing that ever happened to you at Fashion Week?
KC: There was a hurricane, and there was a power outage all over the city. Our computers went down in the middle of the night and we had to walk with those old-fashioned MACs and cover them in garbage bags, because laptops weren't even around, and march 42 blocks up to an all night Kinko’s trying to retrieve our database. It was probably my most humiliating time. We had no seating chart. We pretended we knew what was going on and we did our best. It was like slice and dice. We sliced and diced.
By Michelle Lanz, reporting by Mary S. Park @

Olivia Palermo: Elle Style Awards 2010


Brody Jenner: Single and Looking...

If you’re lucky enough, you may just have a 1-in-24 chance with ‘The Hills’ star!
We’re going to go out on a limb here and compare Brody Jenner’s love for ladies to the top 24 session of American Idol. Yeah, it may seem crazy – but The Hills hottie bought exactly 24 shots while out and about at Hollywood hotspot Voyeur on Feb. 20 – as if the girls’ shot-taking abilities were their ‘auditions!’
“A swarm of girls approached Brody, and, naturally, he was loving the attention,” a partygoer tells The 26-year-old hunk decided to return the affection by buying each of his 24 admirers a shot! “The bartender lined up 24 shots for him and he handed them out to all of the girls. He was loving it – and so were they.”
If you didn’t get your shot at love, ladies, don’t despair – there’s enough of Brody to go around! It’s not as if “The Hills” star has ever really had woman trouble. He was recently spotted with his ex, Playmate Jayde Nicole, and there have been whispers he’s been romancing Sk8rBoi singer Avril Lavigne.
Sadly for Brody, his ‘audition’ process didn’t result in any clear winners. The reality star was “on his best behavior”, says our source, and left the nightclub alone.
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Olivia Palermo: LFW

Photographs by Wayne Tippetts

Lo Bosworth and Scott Hochstadt leaving Phillipe Chow

Stephanie Pratt Leaving Phillipe Chow

Stephanie Pratt, Simon Huck, Kelly Osbourne and Jonathan Cheban leaving Phillipe Chow after celebrating "SPINdustry" star Jonathan Cheban's birthday.

Lauren Conrad: "I have friends that I don’t trust."

Living much of life in front of a camera can definitely do a number on any person, and Lauren Conrad says she’s had to be careful with who she trusts.
The former “Hills” babe/bestselling author told press, “I have friends that I don’t trust. But that is just part of this industry.”
“I have worked with people who I don’t trust before so I am used to being around people like that. Do I choose to spend my time with them? No. I hate that. But sometimes it is good to keep an eye on these people.”
Prior to her departure from the MTV reality sphere, Conrad explained, “People ask me how we make it work and for me the trick was to keep that side of my life private, even when I was being followed by cameras all the time on The Hills. I don’t think that reality television and relationships mix. You have to keep that part private because otherwise it just doesn’t work and that is why we are still together.”
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ELLE Meets Olivia Palermo at LFW

by Alice Watt for Elle UK
As London Fashion Week reaches the half way mark we caught up with Olivia Palermo - TV star, editor and all-round style icon - at the launch of the Freda Autumn Winter 2010 collection.
Ever true to her polished, Manhattan style, Olivia opted for nothing less than perfection with her hair in a slick bun, flawless skin and a Freda blouse (from the new collection, of course) paired with a tweed shorts suit.
Renowned for her impeccable style with somewhat annoyingly wll-put-together outfits, we just had to ask; what is her secret? Well, just like the Freda collection, it's all about having "chic wardrobe staples with a contemporary edge that work on their own or mixed together". A collection of everything from knitwear and silk shifts to metallic blazers and printed cocktail dresses and skirts, Freda is a chic and timeless collection that Olivia will no doubt be sporting throughout the rest of fashion week- having already been spotted at Julien Macdonald, and last night's fiercely exclusive Mulberry after party. "I'm staying here for the rest of the week. I love fashion week. I'd really like to go to Milan but I have to go back to New York".Christopher Kane
Fronting the brand designed by Freda's Ruth Chapman and New Gen awards winner Joanna Sykes, Olivia couldn't resist adding her own style savvy touch, admitting "The collection includes scarves but I chose all of the accessories for the video and shoot". Olivia's impeccable taste won her the position of accessories editor at US Elle - a role she clearly relishes in. "I'm always on the lookout for accessories, always". So who are her favourites? "I really admire Lulu Frost, her work is unique and timeless, mixing old and new. Her work really inspires me". Despite her prim Manhattan style, she clearly admires the edginess of London style, championing young, edgy designers. "I really love Charlotte Olympia. And this season I love Topshop, they're always really great for shoes" - expect to see her sporting them any day now.
And what does she predict for next season? "A great fall coat, they're essential". Look no further than the Freda a/w 10 collection, which hits stores in July.
by Alice Watt for Elle UK

Stephanie Pratt and Simon Huck - twit pic

Simon tweeted: "I exist for u @stephaniepratt @jonathancheban SPINdustry !!!!!"

Olivia Palermo: Topshop Unique: LFW 2010

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Whitney Port: Zink Magazine March 2010 - Behind the scenes video

Lo Bosworth: Viva Elvis: Video

Lo come in at .21

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