Monday, February 22, 2010

Lauren Conrad: "I have friends that I don’t trust."

Living much of life in front of a camera can definitely do a number on any person, and Lauren Conrad says she’s had to be careful with who she trusts.
The former “Hills” babe/bestselling author told press, “I have friends that I don’t trust. But that is just part of this industry.”
“I have worked with people who I don’t trust before so I am used to being around people like that. Do I choose to spend my time with them? No. I hate that. But sometimes it is good to keep an eye on these people.”
Prior to her departure from the MTV reality sphere, Conrad explained, “People ask me how we make it work and for me the trick was to keep that side of my life private, even when I was being followed by cameras all the time on The Hills. I don’t think that reality television and relationships mix. You have to keep that part private because otherwise it just doesn’t work and that is why we are still together.”
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  1. I have friends I don't trust either. It's life. Not necessarily only experienced by fame and fortune. Get over it. Yawn.

  2. Is this interview a recycled one? I remember reading this same interview or at least a very similar one.