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Extended Play: Audrina Patridge & Kristin Cavallari on Season 6 (4 videos)

Audrina Blogged:
I spoke with MTV's Jocelyn Vena about the new season – about Ryan, Lauren and life after The Hills! So if you're anxious to know more about tonight's episode, check out MTV News Extended Play, which features a series of videos of Kristin and me.

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Audrina Patridge and Kristin Cavallari: John Frieda Style Tour

Audrina Patridge and Kristin Cavallari stopped by the John Frieda Style On Site Tour in New York’s Times Square on Tuesday, April 27 to celebrate the kickoff of the nationwide tour.
The girls got their hair styled by celebrity stylist and John Frieda International Creative Consultant Harry Josh at the Style On Site Salon.
For more information on the John Frieda Style On Site Tour and to find out when it will be coming to a city near you, click here

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Audrina Patridge: NY Beauty

Trading in her usual SoCal surroundings for the big city, Audrina Patridge was spotted out and about in Manhattan earlier today (April 27).
The “Hills” babe made her way around Times Square, looking cute and casual in a matching beige cardigan/beige top combo with blue jeans.
Besides promoting the new season of “The Hills” set to debut on MTV tonight, Audrina was also drumming up interest in the new John Frieda Hair Tour.
She tweeted, “I'm at John Frieda's Style On Site Salon Tour in Times Square, a mobile salon touring the country 2 give women hair transformations.”
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Audrina Patridge: On Air With Ryan Seacrest

Audrina blogged:
"Tonight is the premier of The Hills final season!
I'm so excited!!! I just saw the whole episode this yesterday morning and I can't wait to hear what you guys think of it! This past week has been packed full of places to be and things to do before the show airs tonight. But I did have the time to have an interview on KIIS FM On Air With Ryan Seacrest! Did you catch it this morning?
The interview was a lot of fun – except for the part of waking up early! Ryan Seacrest and I talked a little about what's going to be on the first episode. I gave a little sneak peak, but of course, please do watch it tonight! We also cleared up some rumors about The Hills and about my boyfriend, Ryan Cabrera. Ellen K asked me if we are in love... And apparently Seacrest knows Ryan better than I do! The two of them go way back, and they have some pretty good drinking stories!
Click here to listen to the interview

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Stephanie Pratt On S6, Her Future Plans and The Reality Of 'The Hills'

It's the end of an era, people! After six seasons, The Hills is calling it quits. While we'll definitely miss the love triangles, PR drama and OK, maybe even Speidi (a teeny tiny bit), we won't let ourselves get too upset yet -- we've still got a whole season ahead of us! So what can we expect from the infamous show's final episodes? We chatted with Stephanie Pratt about being besties with Lo, her plans for after the show and whether or not she's really fighting with Kristin.
You've said that everyone is friends this season, but the trailers show a lot of drama. So are you guys really friends?I'm sure we were friends for a few weeks at the beginning of [filming]. But the premiere episode -- it's the craziest episode that we've shot so far -- is where Lo, Audrina and I are fighting with Kristin. But before that, we were all really good friends.
Who are you closest with now -- Audrina or Lo?
Lo is like my best friend, not just on the show but in real life. I was close to Audrina last season but the problem is that she lives really far away from me. But I'm still really close to Audrina.
And do you still hang out with Lauren?
Yeah, Lo and Lauren live together. I see Lauren.
Do you ever watch yourself on the show?
Yes. We get DVDs the day of, so it's not like we watch them and we're like "Wait a minute, I don't really like how you edited this!" We just get DVDs so we can keep them.
Are you ever surprised by how you're edited?
Yeah, definitely, because we'll be filming for the whole night and then they'll only use 30 seconds of it. And you don't get to see both sides of the story, because it's only a thirty minute show.
How does this season differ from the others?
We're not hiding anything. It's at the point where the press is reporting on everything, so it's not like we can be these perfect role models that we could've gotten away with two seasons ago. So we talk about Heidi's plastic surgery, we talk about my DUI, the rumors surrounding Kristin and her partying. We're not keeping any of the gritty stuff off camera, which obviously we would all like to.
So it wasn't your choice to show all that stuff?
Well, it's our last season and we owe it to the die hard Hills fans to make it a great season. The fans already know that Heidi got surgery, I got a DUI, so we're not going to keep it from them. We're going to tell the story how it happened.

You've said that Kristin is like a disease you can't get rid of. Do you still feel that way?
I can't really comment on it because there's a lot that happens the first episode, but I don't have any ill feelings like that towards her. Last season was a lot crazier. Kristin's not really giving Audrina too many problems this season but she's coming after me this season, so I can't really say too much.
Do you look forward to filming or do you see it as kind of a hassle at this point?
I love filming because it's the coolest job ever. It's like, a dream job. Absolutely. It's hard to go out to clubs to film because none of us really club that much anymore. We're all 24, 25. We just don't go out that much, so it's hard.

So are you sad that the show is coming to an end?
We just started filming in late January, so we've only been filming for three months so it doesn't really feel like the end. The show also hasn't premiered and we always filmed throughout the episodes airing. None of us are exhausted from filming yet. We're all like, "Yeah!" So it doesn't really feel like the end yet.
What are your plans for after the show?
I just modified a few samples last week for my handbag line, Monroe. It's for Fall 2010 and I'm really excited about it. That's always been my love since 7th grade. It's always what I wanted. So I'm going back to fashion. And I have another collaboration with the designer Yana K coming up. And then after the show I'll hopefully do some hosting for E! -- I really love my recurring role on The Soup. And also, I'll be working with animal charities to stop product testing on animals and to spread awareness about adoption so we can make puppy mills go away.
Can you see yourself on another reality show in the future?
Not on a drama necessarily. Not another Hills. But if it's something about fashion, absolutely.
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Whitney Port on The Wendy Williams Show (video)

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The City Season 2 - Sneak Peek (Video)

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Q&A: Whitney Port on Olivia Palermo’s Journalistic Integrity, the New Season of The City, and More!

Tonight The City returns on MTV. It may not have a promo as fancy as that of the Hills, in which the girls are finally cut from the strings by which they hang from Adam DiVello's meaty and powerful fingers, but it has just as much (if not more) tension. Between characters with that rare thing in reality TV — arcs. We rang Whitney Port up to talk about Olivia, her clothing line, her forthcoming first book, Kelly Cutrone, dating, and more. And she's feistier than ever before.
As revealed in the trailer, Olivia is not supporting your line — were you surprised? What is your relationship like with her?
I was not so surprised by that. Olivia and I have never really been the best of friends. You know, at the time, yes, I was a little bit hurt because it wouldn’t have really taken that much for her to interview me for elle.com, and as a "journalist" or whatever she is for the magazine, your opinion doesn't really matter. Your job is to interview someone and then report it, but she made it personal. I think that there's obviously some level of insecurity on her part, and she's showing it. I don't know that she knows that she's showing it, but it definitely comes through. It was a little bit hurtful, but Olivia's one of those people who doesn't care about anybody but herself. That's why it's not so surprising because she doesn't want to help anybody else out. She's only out for herself. So, if I expected something different from her, then maybe I would have been more hurt, but it's like the same old thing with her. It seems like there's quite a bit of drama in store for this season of The City. What's going to particularly surprise viewers?
I think the show has taken on a totally different look. At first it was kind of The Hills' legacy, and it was very relationship-heavy, just kind of character-driven, and I think this season it's really focused on our careers, and how we're going to eventually make it in the fashion industry.
I watched the first episode yesterday, and I was actually quite excited about it, because I think that, for girls, if you're interested in fashion and have goals of being in fashion, I think it's pretty cool that you can kind of see how to navigate your way through it in this way.
On to your fashion line, Whitney Eve, which we saw during Fashion Week in September: You had MTV cameras filming as you were trying to put out a runway show. Did they interfere?
It's been a balance of both. On the one hand it's been a little difficult, because I was worried about how the line was going to be portrayed, and they get every little detail of your process — the design process, the selling process, the presentation process, so not everything always goes smoothly and they're there for all those hiccups. So that can be a little bit daunting, but at the same time, it's also going to have such publicity and visibility because of it, so it's like a double-edged sword.

Last season, we saw Roxy get you into a bit of trouble. Are you still good friends with her? Do you think she's a bad influence on you?
I maintain a really good relationship with Roxy. I don't think that she's a bad influence, I just think that we have a really different way of doing things. Roxy and I still work together, but we're kind of going our own separate ways. She wants to do something different now, which you'll see, and she's definitely trying to stay out of my shadow.
There's been buzz that you're dating Buried Life star Ben Nemtin. Did you meet through MTV?
We met through friends, not through MTV.
So it's just a coincidence that you're both on reality shows?
Yeah, basically.
How has being on a reality show affected your dating life? Do you make an effort to balance a public and private life?
Now I've begun to do that. I think it's really important to maintain that level of privacy. While I would go on little dates here and there this past season, I'm not looking to put the spotlight on a serious relationship, I really want to maintain that the show is career-oriented.
Do you think you were you more willing to put yourself and your relationships in front of the camera in previous seasons?
In The Hills, I never was. I had a boyfriend behind the scenes, and no one knew who he was, and it was just kind of under the radar in that way. But once I moved to New York I lived out a whole relationship in front of the camera, so I totally learned my lesson, and I just don't think I could put myself in that position again.
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Interview with 'The Hills' and 'The City' Creator Adam Divello

excerpt from an arctile by Jim Halterman at thefutoncritic.com
Jim Halterman: The obvious first question is what prompted you to end 'The Hills' after this sixth season.
Adam DiVello: I think we all thought it was time. The kids on the show have all gone to different places in their lives and their celebrity lives were becoming much bigger than their personal lives and I think we owed it to the fans and owed to the people who have been with us since the beginning. Hopefully, we'll always leave them wanting more.
JH: There are a lot of big personalities on the show and some seem to have handled the celebrity well and some maybe not as well. How do things from where you sit?

AD: Everyone handles fame differently and I can't think of another reality show that has been on this long with the same cast and they have been under the spotlight for many, many years. I think for the most part they have all handled it really well from my perspective and though I'm not in their shoes I applaud them at how some of them have handled it. You look at somebody like Lauren Conrad who came out of it and she's moving on with other projects and she has handled it really well. As far as the other kids, I think they've really stayed true to who they are. They kept their head on their shoulders and have stayed the same people that they were when we met them, which I think makes them very special and so much fun to watch. JH: Can you talk about when you first created the show and how you decided on the tone and how the stories would be told on the show?
AD: I think it was back in the day when the idea was floating around to do a reality show in a high school in Laguna Beach. I think it was 'How can we do this and how do we approach it?' We got a great team together in the way it was shot and edited together and I think it changed reality in a sense by taking out those confessionals where the kids talk to the camera. It made our jobs more difficult as producers and storytellers by not having that crutch but I think it gave you the feeling that you were looking in with this voyeuristic feel; you were watching a documentary about these kids and it felt like a scripted series and I think that's what kind of started it. For me, when we were wrapping up 'Laguna' it was such an incredible experience and it made me move out here from New York and I kind of changed my life at that same time. I think when we left 'Laguna' and did 'The Hills' I really wanted it to be this fish-out-of-water show with the girl from the beach who comes to the big, glamorous city and how she's going to navigate the waters. I think we nailed it. I think Lauren was a great choice because she wanted to work in fashion and she wasn't coming here to be an actress and I think that there was a relatability here that the audience responded to. JH: When did you realize that 'The Hills' had gotten so big that it was impacting popular culture with so much attention not just on the show but everyone on it?
AD: [Laughs.] When we got the cover of Rolling Stone was a high point, for sure. I think that it was probably around season three when we started to blow up in the tabloids. I think what had happened was whether it was between cycles or when we weren't shooting and the show wasn't on the air but the stories were living in the magazines every week and the interest in these kids was continuing even when the show wasn't airing. That's when you get to point where 'Oh my God, this thing has taken on a life of its own.' Certainly the magazines and tabloids have helped over the years. You see little snippets of what happened in their lives and then you tune into the series whenever it reappears on air and think it's a full story. I think, for me, when I shot the pilot when we were standing at the Roosevelt Hotel and Lauren was working for Teen Vogue and Heidi crashed the party and she brought Audrina and the guys and Lauren got yelled at by her boss and she was looking out over the pool at the water and I thought 'We have something here. This is going to be special. I think people are going to hitch their wagons to the stories and to this girl's plight in LA.' JH: Since you had lived in New York before heading to Los Angeles, how was it to return to the East Coast to do 'The City?'
AD: I consider myself a New Yorker. I lived there for 12 years before I came out to do 'Laguna' and 'The Hills' and for me I always knew in the back of mind that I wanted to do a show in New York, as well. When I came out to do 'The Hills' I was in love with LA and I think an ingredient in that show was Los Angeles as a city in itself and I think we showed it with that love that we all had for the city and I knew I always wanted to do the same for New York. Whitney was born here in Los Angeles and grew up in a suburb here called Brentwood and she lived in a bubble in a sense so to have her move to New York City and deal with everything that goes on there seems like a no-brainer to me and it seems to be working. I'm extremely proud of that show and I love what it's done and where it's going this season. We definitely hit our stride this season.
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my mini photo homage to season one : )

'The Hills': Kristin Cavallari on drug rumors, Lauren Conrad, and future plans

Excerpt from an article by Carina MacKenzie at zap2it.com
When Season 6 premieres on Tuesday, April 27, fans will immediately notice a change. Well publicized events like Stephanie Pratt's DUI will now be addressed within the confines of the show, as evidenced within the first minute of the season opener, when Stephanie meets Lo Bosworth for lunch and admits she just came from an AA meeting. Stephanie, Bosworth, and Audrina Patridge later confront Cavallari about an alleged cocaine binge in Miami. So why did MTV change its tune and decide to start addressing its stars' real problems?
"First of all, that's not a real problem that I have," Cavallari assures Zap2it, referring to the allegations of her drug use. "When Lo says in the episode that people had been talking about me doing coke, that was so out of left field. That was just about girls being catty and making s*** up. I wasn't even with them in Miami, so that was just crazy for me to stand there and listen to that."
She says that Heidi Montag's recent changes forced "The Hills" producers to reconsider their approach. "We couldn't just ignore Heidi's surgeries. You have to address that, because it's so obvious, and because it's very serious and actually pretty sad." Though Heidi will reveal her new face to her family in the season premiere, she's largely absent from this season due to her legal battles with MTV. Husband Spencer Pratt has been removed from the show due to his inability to manage his anger.
What viewers see of Cavallari and her castmates on "The Hills" is only a very small part of their lives. "We only shoot three days a week, and sometimes it's only for like an hour," she says. During their time off, Cavallari sees her real friends - none of whom are on the show - and enjoys her love life away from the camera lens.
"I never see them when we're not filming," she says, laughing. "I mean, I'll be honest. I have nothing to hide. Brody, I sometimes talk to, and Audrina maybe. Other than that, 'The Hills' is work, it's not my life."
In the season premiere, it's implied that there may be some tension between Kristin and Audrina. After all, they both have history with Justin Bobby, and they both have undeniable chemistry with Brody Jenner, Cavallari's ex. Still, Cavallari says that off-camera, there's no drama. "I never didn't like Audrina, I just didn't know her. Now we're getting along really well and I actually really like her; we have a lot of fun together."The final season of "The Hills" is expected to finish filming in June, unless the network chooses to extend the season. "MTV can order an additional 12 episodes," Cavallari says.
She seems ready to move on, though. "I still want to pursue acting, but I haven't been [auditioning] because I can't while I'm committed to 'The Hills' and I don't know when I'll be available. I'd love to be on 'Californication' - I'd probably end up one of those girls sleeping with David Duchovny, I don't know. And I love 'Secret Diary of a Call Girl.'"
However, her latest career aspirations will put her behind the camera. "I really want to start producing. I love being in charge, obviously, and calling the shots. I've got three different reality shows that I'm pitching to networks right now. Hopefully I'll be able to talk a little bit more about those soon."
As for what's to come on "The Hills," Kristin says that the drama-drama-drama isn't going anywhere any time soon. "This season is going to be really good. Things get really juicy between me and Stephanie. I'm definitely going to confront her about a couple of things... well, a lot of things. You'll see."
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Jayde Nicole: Hosting Dusk Nightclub tomm 4/27!

Jayde Nicole will be hosting a party at Dusk nightclub in Atlantic City on Tuesday, April 27, 2010 from 10pm-4am. For more information please call 609.345.DUSK (3875) or visit www.duskac.com
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Kristin Cavallari: Leaving The Wendy Williams Show

Kristin Cavallari signs autographs after her appearance on "The Wendy Williams Show."
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Olivia Palermo: Stoli Film Pioneer Award Presentation

Olivia Palermo arrives at the Stoli Film Pioneer Award Presentation to Director Darren Aronofsky at Tribeca Grand Hotel on April 26, 2010 in New
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