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Stephanie Pratt On S6, Her Future Plans and The Reality Of 'The Hills'

It's the end of an era, people! After six seasons, The Hills is calling it quits. While we'll definitely miss the love triangles, PR drama and OK, maybe even Speidi (a teeny tiny bit), we won't let ourselves get too upset yet -- we've still got a whole season ahead of us! So what can we expect from the infamous show's final episodes? We chatted with Stephanie Pratt about being besties with Lo, her plans for after the show and whether or not she's really fighting with Kristin.
You've said that everyone is friends this season, but the trailers show a lot of drama. So are you guys really friends?I'm sure we were friends for a few weeks at the beginning of [filming]. But the premiere episode -- it's the craziest episode that we've shot so far -- is where Lo, Audrina and I are fighting with Kristin. But before that, we were all really good friends.
Who are you closest with now -- Audrina or Lo?
Lo is like my best friend, not just on the show but in real life. I was close to Audrina last season but the problem is that she lives really far away from me. But I'm still really close to Audrina.
And do you still hang out with Lauren?
Yeah, Lo and Lauren live together. I see Lauren.
Do you ever watch yourself on the show?
Yes. We get DVDs the day of, so it's not like we watch them and we're like "Wait a minute, I don't really like how you edited this!" We just get DVDs so we can keep them.
Are you ever surprised by how you're edited?
Yeah, definitely, because we'll be filming for the whole night and then they'll only use 30 seconds of it. And you don't get to see both sides of the story, because it's only a thirty minute show.
How does this season differ from the others?
We're not hiding anything. It's at the point where the press is reporting on everything, so it's not like we can be these perfect role models that we could've gotten away with two seasons ago. So we talk about Heidi's plastic surgery, we talk about my DUI, the rumors surrounding Kristin and her partying. We're not keeping any of the gritty stuff off camera, which obviously we would all like to.
So it wasn't your choice to show all that stuff?
Well, it's our last season and we owe it to the die hard Hills fans to make it a great season. The fans already know that Heidi got surgery, I got a DUI, so we're not going to keep it from them. We're going to tell the story how it happened.

You've said that Kristin is like a disease you can't get rid of. Do you still feel that way?
I can't really comment on it because there's a lot that happens the first episode, but I don't have any ill feelings like that towards her. Last season was a lot crazier. Kristin's not really giving Audrina too many problems this season but she's coming after me this season, so I can't really say too much.
Do you look forward to filming or do you see it as kind of a hassle at this point?
I love filming because it's the coolest job ever. It's like, a dream job. Absolutely. It's hard to go out to clubs to film because none of us really club that much anymore. We're all 24, 25. We just don't go out that much, so it's hard.

So are you sad that the show is coming to an end?
We just started filming in late January, so we've only been filming for three months so it doesn't really feel like the end. The show also hasn't premiered and we always filmed throughout the episodes airing. None of us are exhausted from filming yet. We're all like, "Yeah!" So it doesn't really feel like the end yet.
What are your plans for after the show?
I just modified a few samples last week for my handbag line, Monroe. It's for Fall 2010 and I'm really excited about it. That's always been my love since 7th grade. It's always what I wanted. So I'm going back to fashion. And I have another collaboration with the designer Yana K coming up. And then after the show I'll hopefully do some hosting for E! -- I really love my recurring role on The Soup. And also, I'll be working with animal charities to stop product testing on animals and to spread awareness about adoption so we can make puppy mills go away.
Can you see yourself on another reality show in the future?
Not on a drama necessarily. Not another Hills. But if it's something about fashion, absolutely.
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~Kelli at Hills Freak

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