Thursday, May 20, 2010

Whitney Port on How to Wear Nude Colors

Do you dare to go bare? We're not talking a full-on skin show here -- just some pretty flesh-toned fashions. The new neutral is most definitely nude.
"It's more daring than your basic neutral and you can play around with the illusion of being naked which is on trend for spring -- the lingerie look as outerwear as done by Dior and Stella McCartney is so cutting edge," Whitney Port says.
Here's some advice on how to look nice -- not naked -- in the latest flesh-colored fashions:
Skin tone tips:
"I think anyone can wear it, it just depends on the shade," Port says. "Light complexions should look for more of a rosey, pinky shade, where as darker tones can go more taupe."
Fabrics to try:
"Chiffons for tops and dresses, wools for jackets, knit jerseys for shirts and easy dresses are great," Port says.
Colors to pair nudes with:
"Black is always an easy go-to to pair it with," Port says. "Jewel tones are also pretty -- it kind of parallels the idea of jewels on bare skin."
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Photo - A lacy nude from Whitney Port's Whitney Eve line. Photo: Whitney Eve
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Jayde Nicole: Guitar World Cover Photo

Jayde tweeted:
"Sneak peak of our Guitar World Cover shot @karamonico @saraunderwood !! Love these girls!"
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Whitney Port: Party Girl Twic pic

Whitney tweeted:
"On my way to film at a party! Wearing marc jacobs"
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Kristin Cavallari: The Bonnie Hunt Show (Video)

Love how Bonnie says "dirty rat bastard!' lol
credit - The Bonnie Hunt Show
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Lauren Conrad: Out & About in LA

I wish they were more photos. She looks adorable
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Ryan Cabrera on Breakup Rumors

Rocker Ryan Cabrera batted down rumors late yesterday that he and "The Hills" starlet Audrina Patridge had split, saying the pair just finished spending time together for the brunette bombshell's birthday and there was no bad blood between them.
"Audrina is great," Cabrera told Niteside yesterday in Miami for his performance Wednesday night at Mansion.
"We just got back from Vegas celebrating her 25th birthday. She is currently in Costa Rica. Must be tough, right?"
Rumors emerged late yesterday that the spiky-haired pop star and the brunette beauty had called it quits after spending four months together. Though Cabrera brushed off the claims, he did confess that having his budding relationship unfold on camera during filming for the MTV reality series was difficult.
“I really wasn’t looking to have my relationship on TV," he said. "But I guess I can’t really help it. Honestly, I’m doing it to support her. That’s it.”
As for his own career, the 27-year-old whose single "On the Way Down" sold more than two million copies said he's getting ready to burst back onto the music scene.
“I have been working on my new album for three years now. All the new stuff won't be something people expect,” he said. “Still pop rock, but more up beat. Lets call it dance rock.”
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Heidi Montag’s Dad Fears for Her Life. Should He?

Heidi Montag’s father is apparently alarmed by the increasingly bizarre and controlling behavior of his son-in-law Spencer Pratt, and now tells Star he is “afraid for her life.”
It’s hard to blame him. Judging from the photos of Pratt standing guard outside his house with his SWAT team of ex-Marines, it’s clear he’s gone overboard. There are other rumors flying around—that Pratt bans Heidi from TV or the internet, that he forces her into plastic surgeries, that he blocks the windows, that they are living in squalor. And without a doubt, Pratt has isolated Heidi from her friends and family, which is often a hallmark of an abusive or at least disordered relationship.
Bill Montag seems to get this.
“If I don’t hear from them soon, good or bad, I will take my family and get his family and go there and talk to them,” Montag told Star. “They can call the police on me too. I want to make sure both of them are okay.”
Of course, there is the possibility that all the crazy talk and guns and weird behavior are part of a publicity gambit. But there is also the very real possibility that Pratt and Montag are locked in an abusive relationship and that Montag is indeed in danger. It’s also a point worth making that Pratt’s alleged behavior is pretty far off the deep end, and he may also be in danger. As her parents, the Montags are well within their rights to investigate the situation, and rather than waiting for Pratt to call the police on them, they might want to call the police themselves. I mean, if Michael Lohan can do it, what’s stopping them?
credit - Erin Blakeley @ famecrawler
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Whitney Port: Out and About in NY

Enjoying an evening out on the town, Whitney Port stepped out with a few friends for dinner in New York City on Wednesday night (May 19).
The MTV reality star looked fabulous in a longsleeve buttondown white top with a colorful skirt as she hopped out of her cab and headed into a local eatery.
As previously reported by Gossip Center, Miss Port recently chatted with Ryan Seacrest about being happy with her decision to leave "The Hills" when she did.
“I feel like they’re all self-imploding or something. I’m just in shock. I think they’re just going crazy,” Whitney explained of her former co-stars.
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Olivia Palermo: More Photos from Japan

I'm not wild about her hair in the 4th photo but other than that I adore these photos! And that Tibi dress is to die for.
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