Thursday, May 20, 2010

Heidi Montag’s Dad Fears for Her Life. Should He?

Heidi Montag’s father is apparently alarmed by the increasingly bizarre and controlling behavior of his son-in-law Spencer Pratt, and now tells Star he is “afraid for her life.”
It’s hard to blame him. Judging from the photos of Pratt standing guard outside his house with his SWAT team of ex-Marines, it’s clear he’s gone overboard. There are other rumors flying around—that Pratt bans Heidi from TV or the internet, that he forces her into plastic surgeries, that he blocks the windows, that they are living in squalor. And without a doubt, Pratt has isolated Heidi from her friends and family, which is often a hallmark of an abusive or at least disordered relationship.
Bill Montag seems to get this.
“If I don’t hear from them soon, good or bad, I will take my family and get his family and go there and talk to them,” Montag told Star. “They can call the police on me too. I want to make sure both of them are okay.”
Of course, there is the possibility that all the crazy talk and guns and weird behavior are part of a publicity gambit. But there is also the very real possibility that Pratt and Montag are locked in an abusive relationship and that Montag is indeed in danger. It’s also a point worth making that Pratt’s alleged behavior is pretty far off the deep end, and he may also be in danger. As her parents, the Montags are well within their rights to investigate the situation, and rather than waiting for Pratt to call the police on them, they might want to call the police themselves. I mean, if Michael Lohan can do it, what’s stopping them?
credit - Erin Blakeley @ famecrawler
~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. Both have contibuted to this, she is no saint. This had started long time ago. Both being fame sick seekers. How can a person talk about kids and God and then change her appearance? Iam sure those boobs wont be able to give milk, nor good for weight for a wanted to be mom. And Iam sure the liposuction is not ideal before conceiving. In addition how can someone speak of God and be so superficial and pose on bikinis showing your booobs almost out and posing for explicit fotos for all to see. She is a hipocrite that lies and uses all this tactics to be on tabloids. So that little winny tone of voice doesnt fool anyone.

  2. Did you see LC's adly ad for a company on her twitter that if you click it's for coupons etc. I forget the name of the company. A day later Heidi and Spencer signed up for adly and posted the exact same ad on their twitter accounts. They supposidly hate LC but copy her twitter activities.

    Hers and his relationship with God is interesting. If you read the Bible it talks about false profits and false idols. I'm no expert but the crystal worship does not seem to correspond with the Bible either.

    I think they are both lost souls who need professional help for different reasons. Their psychological problems just feed off each other and have created this mess. Hopefully they will get help.

    Neither one is past the point of getting legitimate help and changing their ways. No one can really judge them except God. But from the outside looking in, it is at a tipping point where something bad could possibly happen.

    Their parents should intervene in my opinion.

  3. They do copy Lauren BUT if you follow a lot of celebrities you'll note that they all tweet the same ads. Quite amusing.

  4. Heidi looks always so sad, i see a sadness in her eyes.