Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Hills Season 6 - Promo Photos

credit -, thanks to Jess for the heads up! : )

OK, is it just me or is it crazy that Heidi is wearing this dress for the THIRD time in about a month. BTW we should be getting more photos - I believe these are just a sneak peek.


  1. Brody is so hot.

    The girls are gorgeous!!! =)))

  2. Heidi is wearing the same clothes because there's no way she can go into a regular store and buy something. I wonder if it even crossed her mind that clothes would be a problem.Her breasts are way too big, if she found a dress that fit her boobs, it would be huge on the rest of her. I think she's getting things made. What a huge pain in the ass that would be. I was a DD and shopping was a nightmare (after reduction <3 shopping). I don't know why women distort their bodies to cartoon proportions.

  3. She said on Leno that she designed the dress so I think she is trying to promote it! But yeah she needs new clothes and she has been wearing that necklace since Valentines day...yuck!

    I was watching older episodes of the hills and I miss that Heidi so much :( she used to be a really sweet girl...I guess Hollywood changes people.