Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Whitney Port Shares Her Sensible Style Tips For Fall

Whitney Port recently presented her Whitney Eve Spring 2012 Collection in NAPA where she also took time out for an interview with FabSugar. Check it out below.
FabSugar: What inspired you to get involved with the National Breast Cancer Foundation?
Whitney Port: I have family members that have been affected by the disease, and I really want to stress the importance of early detection. It's so crucial to go out and get tested, because the earlier they find something, the better chances you have of survival.
FS: You've lived in NYC and Los Angeles — how do you differentiate East Coast vs. West Coast dressing?
WP: When I lived in New York, I was inspired to dress up a lot more, and look more sophisticated. But when I'm in LA, I prefer to keep things casual — most days when I go to the office I'm in cutoffs, a t-shirt, and Converse sneakers. I'm so relieved to not have to dress up for the camera anymore. It's fun to go out and do events and get dolled up, but most of the time I'm just at a bar with friends, totally dressed down.
FS: This is your first trip to Napa; what did you pack for your weekend in wine country?
WP: I didn't know if the wineries had dress codes or anything, so I had no idea what to bring! I ended up packing one pair of jeans, a couple of dresses, and a few t-shirts to mix and match.
FS: What pieces are you coveting for Fall? I feel like you might have a pretty solid shopping list.
WP: Actually, I'm going on a shopping strike! I just moved into a new place and organized my closet, and I realized that I really shouldn't buy anything else — I literally have stuff with tags still attached — so I'm just going to revamp my existing pieces for Fall. I really gravitated towards the menswear looks that were on the runways; I love a pantsuit, and I'm going to try kitten heels, too.
FS: Love your practicality! So when you do shop, what do you typically splurge on? Where do you prefer to save?
WP: I mostly splurge on bags and shoes, because I know I'll wear them forever. And honestly, I kind of try to save on everything! Since I've started designing I've realized just how much it costs to make clothes, and I have become pretty frugal when buying new things.
You can check out the Whitney Eve Spring 2012 collection here
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credit - FabSugar
~Kelli at Hills Freak

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