Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kristin Cavallari: “Nothing you see on TV is real”

Say it ain’t so! After an agonizing Hills season watching Kristin Cavallari wear her heart on her sleeve regarding Brody Jenner (even though he’s been Tweeting about and traveling with real-life gal pal Avril Lavigne), the starlet hints her behavior may not have been completely genuine.
“Nothing you see on TV is real,” Cavallari, 23, tells PEOPLE. “Fans need to understand it’s all entertainment. It’s all in fun. I would never put my close friends or a real relationship on a show.”
In fact, the lightheartedness of it all is what drew Cavallari back to reality-TV after an unpleasant experience on Laguna Beach. “I was really hurt by the way I was portrayed on Laguna Beach, so I took a break from that kind of stuff,” she says. “But when I decided to come back and do The Hills, I told myself it’s just a job. It’s all work. It’s all fun.”
But Cavallari has no plans to ever sell her Hills secrets in any sort of tell-all. “I don’t want to disappoint the fans,” she says. “I have such great fans, and I think a lot of them take the show seriously, and I don’t want to change their views. Besides, since I want to be a producer, I don’t want to give away any production secrets.”
Speaking of production, Cavallari has two new reality shows in the works. “One will have similarities to The Hills, and one will be about fashion with some competition,” she said.
As far as The Hills series finale goes, it doesn’t sound like Cavallari has any regrets about her two-season stint on the long-running hit show. “I feel like we all ended on a high note, we all had a great time, and I plan to stay friends with pretty much everyone,” she says, adding that she’s even on good terms with one-time nemesis Lauren Conrad.
“I just saw Lauren on Saturday at The Hills wrap party,” Cavallari says. “It was good to see her. When we see each other, we say hi and catch up a bit.”
credit - Dahvi Shira @ People
~Kelli at Hills Freak

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