Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Whitney Port talks about her line Whitney Eve

Last Wednesday morning, WWD stopped by Point A Showroom to get a look at the latest from Whitney Eve, the new line from Whitney Port of "The City." After being beleaguered by a swarm of "City" producers hounding us to sign a release form, we got a preview of the reality star-cum-fashion designer's spring 2010 collection.
The collection, which will be in boutiques Jan. 30 and retails for $60 to $400, is made up of sharply tailored blazers, breezy rainbow-hued blouses and glittery cocktail dresses with sky-high hemlines. And though Port lacks any actual design training, her father, Jeff Port, owns apparel company Swarm, which produces menswear line Shades of Greigh. We sat down with the reality starlet to talk about what's next:
WWD: How do you think New York differs from L.A. in terms of fashion?
Whitney Port: I think New York fashion is just a lot more sophisticated and a lot more forward-thinking. People are more willing to take chances here. People take more pride in what they wear and obviously they have to dress for the elements.
WWD: You've started with apparel, but do you ever see yourself venturing into accessories?
W.P.: I would love to but I don't know how talented I'd be at it. But eventually, I think that would be a cool option.
WWD: You're at People's Revolution five days a week, how do you have time to work on your line?
W.P.: Actually, I'm in and out of there. I have a design space in there and then I also have my apartment, which we just built a whole little section in to design in. I mean, I have to be out in the field. Kelly [Cutrone] told me, 'You know, this is your passion project, so you do whatever you have to do to get this done'. This is my first priority.
WWD: The other "Hills" veterans ventured into the design world with not as much success as they'd hoped. Heidi Montag developed a line that closed shortly after and Lauren Conrad decided to bring her line to Kohl's after not weathering well in the high-end market. Does that concern you at all?
W.P.: I put myself in a different sort of realm as them. Obviously, it's scary. I think it's really hard to break out right now since the fashion industry is struggling. I mean, people don't want to spend their money on clothes right now - it's a luxury. You're always worried about people not understanding your point of view, not being able to get it. But I think my biggest competition is myself.
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