Monday, June 28, 2010

Whitney Port: The Rumors Are False!

Whitney blogged:
To my friends and fans,
I want to clear the air and let you all know that the rumors that have been circulating about The City being canceled are NOT true! When I checked my Twitter and Facebook pages this morning, I was overwhelmed with your kind words and support. I am 100% committed to the show and thank you all for being the best fans! Now, let's show our love for The City and rock this week!!! Tune in tomorrow night LIVE to MTV @10:30.

Also backing up Whitney's claims is Tony DiSanto, MTV’s president of programming and development, who told Gossip Cop exclusively that the show’s rumored demise is “Totally 100 percent not true.”


credit - Whitney's Official Website and Gossip Cop
thanks for the heads up G and aimee! : )
~Kelli at Hills Freak

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  1. The City is going to be live tonight at 1030? Strange...