Thursday, November 5, 2009

Audrina Patridge on Justin Bobby: "he's such a parasitic life force"

Audrina blogged about this week's episode on her webpage:
"Oh The Hills...what to say about this week's episode, Heidi has been my friend for a long time and her birthday presented an unavoidable situation - I wouldn't ditch a friend's birthday due to drama. I can't even begin to express how hard it was to explain to someone who I don't truly know and who I could care less about that I simply wish they weren't in my life...without sounding rude...but I tried, and then I left. Justin and his gimmicks! I've tried so hard to get him out of my life and I was doing awesome for a while but he's such a parasitic life force."
"How many times have you had to tell someone you are through with their shady ways yet they've managed to slither their way back into your life one way or another???"

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