Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lauren Conrad Says L.A. Candy Is 'Three Books, One Movie'

Lauren Conrad and her team — including the same producers behind the blockbuster "Twilight" franchise — are hard at work trying to make sure they get the film adaptation of her "L.A. Candy" book trilogy just right. However, Conrad said that each book will not get its own accompanying film.
"Actually, the movie is meant to be based on the story that's told over the three books that I'm writing — three books, one movie," she told MTV News while promoting her latest tome, "Sweet Little Lies." "It's a trilogy. It's one story being told over the three, so I think it's one overall story."
Conrad is still focused on the big-screen story line of fictional reality star Jane Roberts and admits that she has yet to attach any A-list actors to the role. "No, we're still working with writers," she said about casting decisions. "And in the early stages."

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