Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bruce Jenner On Brody and Avril

Bruce Jenner doesn’t always understand why his family members make the decisions they do, but no matter what, he tries to support them! So when his son Brody Jenner decided to get his girlfriend Avril Lavigne’s named tattooed on him, Bruce tells OK!, “I’m going okay, whatever.”
Now that Brody is done with The Hills, Bruce has been able to spend more time with him and his new girl, Avril.
“Yes, I have gotten to meet her. Brody seems to be very happy,” he tells OK!. “Brody, actually, interestingly enough, over the last month I’ve seen him more than I have over the last year because he got into golf. Yes! I took him out about a month ago. I said, ‘Come on Brody you’ve got to play golf.’”
“And now he’s got a little more time now that The Hills is over and he’s looking for other things to do,” Bruce explains to OK!. “He got out there that day and he absolutely stunk. His brother Brandon beat him badly. He was just struggling with it. And he said, ‘I’ve got to learn this game.’ So he went out and bought himself a set of clubs and we played again three weeks later and he was a hundred times better.”
And while the boys are bonding over golf, Bruce still has a hard time understanding why his family members keep tattooing their girlfriend’s names on them.
“He does have an Avril tattoo,” Bruce confirmed to OK!. “Yeah, like Robert [Kardashian] had a, what’s her name? Adrienne Bailon.”
“I guess that’s what these kids do. I’m going, okay, whatever. It’s very thin,” he laughed. “He seems to be very happy. She seems to be a very nice girl. They seem to be very happy together.
“Where it goes?” Bruce added. “I don’t know, but they seem happy.”
credit - OK!
~Kelli at Hills Freak

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