Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Whitney Port Isn’t Quite Sure About Moving

At the Sex and the City 2 premiere last night, Whitney Port chided the Cut for
posting her apartment listing
earlier in the day. Well, the $7,000 per month rental was listed on Craigslist and picked up by other blogs before this one, after all. Is she not moving, then? “Uh, I’m possibly moving, so I guess, like, the Realtor put it up, and then you guys publicized it to everyone,” the star of The City said. But after Curbed linked to the listing, it was removed from Craigslist.
Port, who has been called the new Carrie Bradshaw, says she most identifies with that character of the Fab Four. "I think like most people, everyone has a little bit of all of them in them, but I feel like I can probably most characterize myself with Carrie. I don’t know exactly why, I just find our personalities to be the most similar," she said. "And I have a group of three other friends, and we’ve named ourselves, and I’m Carrie. I’ll be honest." Yet she was a late SATC bloomer. "I never was allowed to watch TV when it was on, so once I got to college and I had on-demand, I would have little marathons by myself. But I wasn’t actually allowed to watch it when it was on air," she explained. Was she wearing Whitney Eve last night? "No, I’m wearing Moschino tonight. I figured tonight was one of those nights I could wear something super special, and not something that I’ve been staring at in the making for the past year."
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~Kelli at Hills Freak

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