Thursday, January 28, 2010

What Would Audrina Patridge And Ryan Cabrera's Lovechild Look Like?!

You can't always believe what you read but Audrina's been rumored to be dating someone new: rocker (and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz ex) Ryan Cabrera.
We're waiting for Camp Audrina to confirm before we start coming up with Audrina's and Ryan's celebrity couple name (Cabrina!) or picturing what their babies would look like. 'Course, it never hurts to be prepared ...
Check out this just-in-case mock-up of Cabrina's lovechild! Congratulations, it's a ... mullet!
Credit - mtv

Now that is just scary!
Am I the only one completely creeped out by Ryan? Ugh! I really hope none of these rumous are true...


  1. it's not just you. he's UGLY as sin and acts like he's God's gift.