Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Is Audrina Still Pining For Justin?

Audrina Patridge may have a new guy – singer Ryan Cabrera – but she was staring at her ex Justin Bobby during a recent night at L.A. nightspot Voyeur. "She was trying to act like she didn't care," an onlooker says. Patridge also busied herself with her phone, texting as she danced. Justin Bobby, meanwhile, was snuggling in a corner with Lindsay Lohan – and the two were doing some major flirting, the onlooker says.
credit - People Magazine


  1. LiLo? I doubt that. So what if she stares--she is probably making sure he doesn't see her or something.

  2. Seriously....... Audrina and Ryan are together.. LOVE IT! they are so adorable I hope MTV doesnt try to ruine it somehow.