Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Heidi Montag Filming a New Reality Show with Jake Pavelka & Danielle Staub

Spotted: Heidi Montag having lunch and filming some sort of reality show at Cafe Med. With her was the motley crew of Jake “The Bachelor” Pavelka, Danielle "Real Housewives" Staub, Vincent "The Sopranos" Pastore, Ashlee Dupree (former call girl in the Eliot Spizer scandal) and DJ Paul. The Rumours are running rampant that this is the cast of Celebrity Rehab 5 but that seems unlikely to me, especially considering that Heidi was just playing peek a boo with Spencer and the Paparazzi yesterday. There has also been some speculation that they're filming a celebrity cooking show. I'm loathe to admit it but I'm curious to see how Heidi does on her own in whatever format.
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credit - gossip center, tlfan, me
thanks for the heads up Ari & portia! : )
~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. Heidi looks very pretty but she looks 30 something instead of 24. It's sad.

  2. Nearly every photo of Heidi in that post was of her futzing with her cell phone. She's so self-absorbed.