Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lauren Conrad Signs Three Book Deal for LA Candy Spin-off called The Fame Game

Lauren Conrad -- whose debut teen novel, L.A. Candy, hit No. 1 on a New York Times bestseller list -- just scored another three-book deal with HarperCollins, she tells exclusively.
Called The Fame Game, the Hills alum's upcoming trilogy is set in the reality TV universe, and features Madison Parker, an ambitious, ruthless character from the L.A. Candy series who's ready to become a star in her own right. In her way? Backstabbing family friends, dogged paparazzi and one media scandal after the next!
"We took the mean girl of the [L.A. Candy books], spinning her off," Conrad, 25, tells Us of The Fame Game's tough protagonist Madison.
"This series is about a girl who loves everything that fame is, and that's all she's ever really wanted," Conrad explains. "[Madison] has fun with the press, she enjoys the attention, she welcomes scandal!"
If Madison sounds familiar (Heidi Montag, perhaps?), Conrad assures Us her characters aren't based on anyone real. "No. We have fun with it! We kind of take [Hollywood] stereotypes.

With a clothing empire to run as well (her third line debuts this fall), when does Conrad write?
"Between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m.," Conrad tells Us. "My phone doesn't ring, and there's nothing on TV!"
Is Conrad's longtime beau, actor Kyle Howard, an L.A. Candy devotee? "He read my first book, which was very sweet," Conrad says, laughing. "I told him he didn't have to read the rest. "I don't think he's the target market!"
The paperback edition of Conrad's third L.A. Candy book, Sugar and Spice, went on sale yesterday, April 5th.
Speidi must be dying - I love it! I'm so happy for Lauren. Living well and being successful really is the best revenge. :)
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credit - Us Weekly, thanks Beth, Ari & portia! : )
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  1. I love how Lauren keeps saying "WE"!! She should just admit she is the creator of the book, as it is clear she does not write it..."[I/we write] Between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m" lol.

    Yeah I figure Heidi and Spencer may be mad, Lauren/her ghost writer are now inadvertently going to be writing a character that is basically based on Heidi. So she is making money off their personalities ...I guess this is their karma. Although if Heidi and Spencer, did not do the things they did then Lauren may not have been offered a spin off (book deal). I presume the rest of the characters are slightly dull.
    I do really like Lauren and want her to continue in being successful but I find all these titles (Author in particular) are misleading.

  2. Lauren said she wrote the books on her own but of course there's always the possibly of a ghost writer. A lot of celebrities have help with their books. She could have told her thoughts and ideas to someone and they helped her put it in order. There is nothing bad or wrong about that. In certain cases it can make the person's book stronger. The books are fun but not masterpieces so it is also quite possible she really did write them herself.

  3. 3:59 It doesn't sound as if you've read any of her books so I don't understand why you're questioning if she is the author.

  4. I like the fact that Lauren says "we" when referring to her books. It shows how humble and honest she is. Most people, especially without a strong background in writing, would not be able to write a books without some guidance.

    I agree Cassie, after reading the books (I've read the first two) it's obvious that the majority was written by Lauren. Her voice clearly comes through.

  5. Hi 4:41,Cassie & Tessa,

    Tessa I am studying English Literature and had spent a whole 6months reading Ulysses by James Joyce (a masterpiece based on Homer's epic poem The Odyssey.) I wanted to read a nice easy book on holiday to escape (I would normally watch reality tv.) I did read parts of her first book (not the other two, that's the reason I wrote presume. New characters may have been written in the other two books)and yes like Cassie said, her voice came through. I did not read the whole book because I could not get into it.

    I live in England and over here, we have a reality/ former glamour girl called Jordan/Katie Price. She often tops the bestseller list and her books are written in her voice. The difference with Katie and Lauren is that Katie admits, she does not write them but she gives the writer themes and ideas....

    I agree with 4:41, it is not a crime however why not just admit that she only gives ideas. I am not questioning it, I am stating it.

    I believe Lo writes her books with a little guidance, but Lauren gives guidance to a real writer. Just like her kohl's fashion line, she has little input so that is why she created her own line, which I believe she does design. I am just stating what I think. I said I like Lauren and I was hoping to see her new show :-(

  6. 3:59
    It's OK to have a different opinion that others. That's what message boards are for, to agree and to disagree : D
    First of all, I like Lauren, and I esp like the fact that she does not try so hard to be somebody else just to fit in. But when I heard she was writing a book, of course, I was skeptical. After following her on The LB & The Hills, I never heard of her aspiring to be a writer. Remember when Lisa Love asked her if she could write well in her Teen Vogue interview and Lauren was totally lost for words! lol Anyway, I did give her the benefit of the doubt, and brought the book when it came out. I expected it to be light and fluffy, and it is. But I also expected the characters would be better developed and have a great back story. Not so. And the writing is very elementary...i.e. "That would be super-fun!" and "gag!" That said, the book gave some interesting insight into the filming of a reality show. Do I think it was written by a ghost writer? Maybe but probably not. I think the writing and the plot would have been better developed and more interesting if it had been. But anything is possible.

  7. 3:59, I respect your opinion. Who knows you may be spot on. No matter what there is little argument that Lauren has made the most of the lucrative opportunities she has been given. I wish her them most success with Paper Crown since their is no doubt that this is her project.