Friday, July 10, 2009

Brody Jenner: The Scoop on 'The Hills'

As fans of The Hills know, Kristin Cavallari is joining the cast this fall to stir up some trouble. But Brody Jenner tells TV Guide Magazine not to expect any drama between him and Cavallari. “Kristin and I have been friends for years and years and years,” he told us at the launch for the new OP ad campaign in Los Angeles on July 7. “We used to date back in the day, and we have kept very close as far as friends go, so she’s great. ”

That doesn’t mean everyone gets along as amicably. “Did you ever watch Laguna Beach?” asks Jenner with a chuckle. “Then you know what she’ll bring. She’s a wild one!” In fact, Jenner’s girlfriend, Jayde Nicole, says the new season is “The Hills times a thousand. What we filmed so far is absolutely insane.” It seems Cavallari's big nemesis will be Audrina Patridge. “Kristin doesn’t get along with Audrina. I don’t really think anyone on the show gets along with Audrina,” Nicole adds.

Missing from the next installment of the MTV reality soap is its original narrator, Lauren Conrad. Jenner admits he misses her. “It sucks without Lauren,” he says. “It’s a bummer. The Hills isn’t The Hills without Lauren, in my opinion. But we do what we do and just continue on. She’s really enjoying her time off right now, and spending time with her boyfriend, and hanging out at the beach and relaxing. She deserves it!”

Blast from the past:
all the photos below are from when Brody and Kristin were dating

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