Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Heidi Montag Pratt rehearsing for Miss Universe 8/19

Miss Universe will be crowned during a live broadcast from Paradise Island in the Bahamas on Sunday Aug. 23. Billy Bush and Claudia Jordan will co-host the show. Heidi Montag, Flo Rida and Kelly Rowland will all perform. Heidi will sing her new single, Body Language.
I assumed she would be lip synching for the show but if Heidi's tweets are to be believed she will be singing live on Sunday. That alone makes the show worth tuning in for ;)
Heidi twittered earlier:
"4 days until my big debut! my first performance ever! live! in front of a billion people!!!!!!"
"working out to get my miss universe pop star(galaxy) sexy body!"
"just finished my last dance rehearsal before the big stage of miss universe!!! ahhhhh!!!"
Billy Bush (one of the Miss USA co-hosts) tweeted (teased) Heidi: "i am also excited to hear you sing...don't lip synch mama, i'll be right there on stage with you...i want LIVE, no net!"
Heidi's reply: "haha dont worry my performance at Miss. Universe will be as live as can be!!"
hmmm...time will tell...

Credit - gossip center, just jared


  1. Is it just me or are the backup dancers really unattractive? Heidi looks like a goddess next to them. I'm wondering if that was deliberate?

  2. Lordie, was sooo bad. Pageant officials must have thought so to since they cut away to shots of the contestants. And she totally lip synched. Coreography was horrible, same thing over and over. A total disaster!