Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lauren Conrad is sporting a new “sticks and stones” tattoo

Lauren Conrad has a reminder that sticks and stones may break her bones, but words will never hurt her - tattooed on her back.
The 23-year-old reality TV star got the words “sticks and stones” permanently marked on her lower back to remind her not to care what people say about her.
Conrad revealed the idea came to her around the time she left The Hills.
“Nine months ago, I reached my breaking point,” the fashion designer said.
“I felt bad about myself because certain people were relentlessly attacking me and my reputation.
“My mom kept saying: ‘Let it go, Lauren. It doesn’t matter.’
“My friend also sat me down and asked: ‘Why do you care what people say about you? How does it really affect you at the end of the day?’
“I couldn’t come up with a good answer and I realized I had to stop worrying about what other people think.
“The next day, I got a tattoo on my lower back that says ’sticks and stones’ because they may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.
“Once I let go of that, I felt more confident about myself. And that made my decision to leave The Hills pretty easy.”
Credit - newpaparazzi.com

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