Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lauren Conrad - twitter update

Lauren tweeted 45 minutes ago:
"Hope you were able to catch Millionaire last night! I won $50,000 for the m.powerment campaign which I co-chair with mark cosmetics..."
"We’ve just launched the website. Find out how you can lend your support to the cause." click here to go to the website


  1. There had been so little Lauren news lately. Although I miss seeing pictures of her, alone and with Kyle, I am happy for her because I think this is exactly the way she wants it. I'll just have to enjoy every bit of news that we do get. Thanks for doing such a good job with this website.

  2. Thank you for the nice feedback!
    I miss seeing Lauren too, but she seems happy having her life more private and she certainly deserves that. I do (selfishly) wish we'd get more photo-ops but I'll take what we can get. : )

  3. What photo-ops do we get? Virtually nothing, just happy there is some news. If this continue in 1 year, it will be like she was never famous.

  4. 12:00 in the last 10 days we saw hair extension pics, shopping pics and millionaire pics. give lauren a break. she has been living in a fishbowl since she was 17. she is just looking for a break!