Monday, August 3, 2009

More claims about the 'Hills' being scripted

Kristin Cavallari was snapped on the set of "The Hills" yesterday, filming scenes with Justin Bobby. Unfortunatly she was also spotted perusing script pages before cozying up to Audrina Patridge's ex.

This cements the fact that a huge part of the upcoming season will revolve around Kristin and Bobby, despite what Kristin Cavallari said a few months ago when EW asked if producers were setting up this exact plot.

"I have no idea! [laughs] I don't think MTV would be like, 'Oh you're dating him now. This is your boyfriend.' But they might try and set up situations," she said. "I'm totally cool with that. Again, it's a TV show and they need to make it entertaining."
Credit - NY Post

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