Saturday, August 15, 2009

More guest appearances on 'The Hills'?

We heard a rumour a while back that Stephen Colletti might be making a guest appearance on 'The Hills' and now I'm hoping that Alex Hooser might put in an appearance too.
Alex tweeted this am:
"Sorry for not twittering in a few days! I've been in barbies dream house(: jk malibu beach house. xoxo."
Guess who is staying at the Malibu beach house for the summer? None other than Kristin Cavallari!
Normally the Silver spoon Malibu beach house hosts various promotional events but on August 6 they tweeted: "all moved out of the beach house! K Cavallari we hope you enjoy it for the rest of summer!!"
I hope this means we'll get to see Alex again. With all the faux relationships forming (Kristin & Justin Bobby, Kristin and Stacie the bartender) it would be great to have a bit of actual reality/friendship thrown into the mix.

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