Monday, October 5, 2009

Lauren Conrad Wishes 'The Hills' Success Without Her

Lauren Conrad has no hard feelings toward "The Hills." In fact, she wishes the reality show oodles of success even though she's no longer on it. And she doesn't even seem to mind that her nemesis, Kristin Cavallari is trying to fill the void left by her departure.
Conrad, who is currently executive-producing a film based on her novel, "L.A. Candy," told MTV News that if not for the show, she wouldn't be able to work on her current projects, which also include a recently launched clothing line for Kohl's. But that doesn't mean she'll be tuning in week after week to watch the drama unfold.
"I didn't watch it, no," she said of Tuesday's episode. "I mean, I love Lo [Bosworth], but ... to be honest, I hope it does really well because MTV did so much for me."
She went on to say that "The Hills" is just too close to her for her to sit down and watch it objectively. "I always want [MTV and 'The Hills'] to do well, but personally it's hard to watch it and be entertained when you were involved with it for so long," she explained. "Because you're kind of ... all in your head [about what's happening]."
Conrad claims she hasn't heard much about the show's latest episode, but it sounds like she has some idea of what Cavallari is up to these days: "I think people are liking it. They got some drama."
credit - mtv


  1. This is another good example of what a class act Lauren is. Kristen and Speidi should take notice. They seem to take any opportunity to put the others down and as a result, make only themselves look bad.

  2. I forgot to mention how I love the way she said, "They got some drama." She's too cute and exactly what the new Hills is missing.