Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Hills: Justin Bobby Brescia has a secret girlfriend!

Justin Bobby is quite a player on The Hills. Following his on-again, off-again romance with Audrina Patridge, he started courting new cast member Kristin Cavallari. But there's something viewers don't see: He actually has a girlfriend!
"He's seeing a girl named Michelle Markoff," a friend of Michelle's reveals exclusively to Life & Style. "They've been dating for a few months now." Their relationship is so top-secret, Justin hasn't even told anyone involved with The Hills about it. "He's desperately trying to hide his relationship from the cast as well as the producers," says the pal. "And Michelle has been going along with it. She grew up in the same area as The Hills gang and knows them fairly well, yet she's kept her relationship with Justin Bobby under wraps."
But Michelle is starting to get a little tired of sneaking around. "Enough is enough," says her friend.
credit - Life & Style


  1. why doesn't ANYONE realize that justin is a frekain' SOCIOPATH. HE HAS ALL THE SIGNS OF A empathy, constant lying, CONSTANTLY manipulating other people's emotions and feelings, that crazy-eyed STARE, having a few different girlfriends, all at the same time! THE MAN is a sociopath, he has no emotions, it's all A GAME TO HIM. WAKE UP AUDRINA...

  2. Dude is a chump, he thinks he is joe cool, but he is joe lame.. this girl is getting played just like all the rest... and it's not because he is a good guy, it's only because he was scummy enough to use audrina to get on this overrated show.. he's a user, a narcissist and will soon be just another lame-o nobody

    its funny how people are infatuated with people from tv, when they really have nothing to offer, specially this goon

  3. this time around it's all scripted. Audrina was dating corey bohan when this stuff was being taped. They are all acting...

  4. yes - you said it, he is a sociopath. he just needs to think girls want to do him, then he can be in peace and go on to the next girl