Sunday, November 8, 2009

Stephanie Pratt: Handbag Designer!

Spotted: Stephanie Pratt leaving a meeting in LA concerning her new line of handbags!

Stephanie tweeted on 10/30:
"OK it's taken 6 years for my dream to have a handbag line..I'm about to go into a HUGE meeting right now! ahhhh! dream coming true right now!
"meeting couldn't have gone better! when dreams come true its very surreal.. keep dreaming you guys!"

and again on 11/6
"MONROE handbags coming soon!! I'm never going to stop smiling!! keep dreaming! have faith!"

So excited for her! Congratulations Stephanie : )!


  1. She looks so pretty. Go Steph!!!!!!

  2. congradulations stephanie, great news :>)

  3. I love her Zoe boots.

    she looks adorable but it's hard to believe she got that skinny drinking regular soda. It's 160 calories a can! Maybe she's getting paid to promote the brand???