Monday, December 14, 2009

Kelly Cutrone: Her Predictions for 'The City' Cast in 2010 (video)

Little known fact about Kelly Cutrone: when she closes her eyes and concentrates really, really hard, the People's Rev boss lady can actually see the future! Fortunately for us, she's willing to share her gift with the world -- by looking into her magical crystal ball (also known as the camera lens) and telling us what she sees for the City gals in 2010.
Among her top psychic predictions? Whitney's gonna meet the man of her dreams, Roxy's gonna pack up all her (black) clothes and move back to L.A. and Olivia's gonna develop "people skills" overnight -- well, if we're lucky. Anyhow, find out what else Madame K-Cut sees for next year, plus check out her (totes un-stringy) new haircut and hear what she had to say 'bout The City season finale!
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