Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lo Bosworth Wants to Be the Next Oprah

We may not know if last night’s season finale of The Hills will be Lo Bosworth’s last, but what we do know is that she’s already busy pursuing other dreams. In fact, Lo reveals to OK! that, if she has her way, we can expect to see her hosting her own talk show soon!
“I have some things lined up that I’m really excited about,” Lo said to OK!. “Eventually down the line I would love to have my own talk show… Like on the show I’m not in the drama and I don’t cause problems, but it’s kind of all in the plan.”
Added the ambitious reality star, “I want to be able to not always be ‘Lo from The Hills‘. I think it’s going to be an easier transition for me if I don’t have all of this baggage.”
With Oprah Winfrey on her way out, Lo jokingly admitted there is some, “room in daytime TV!” But, Oprah’s talk show style isn’t the kind that Lo wants for her own.
“I think sort of a mix between Tyra Banks and kind of almost like a show that is based in fashion,” Lo told OK! of how her dream talk show would be. “I would want it to be a demographic that’s like The Hills that’s for young girls.
“Every few episodes have an important topic about something that they would care about like ‘Breaking Up with Your Boyfriend,’” she explained. “Also have a great segment about fashion that week and beauty, so kind of something that’s like an everything show for girls that are that age.”
Lo won’t be pursing her talk show hosting dreams alone. Lo said that the former Hills star and her good friend Lauren Conrad will have her back!
“Oh yeah, definitely!” Lo exclaimed. “We used to live together and so we know all the projects and stuff that are sort of like in the wings. So, its really fun.”
credit - OK!

"used to live together?" hmmm...I wonder if Lauren & Kyle are living together now.


  1. i would love to see more photos of lauren and kyle! ah well!

  2. That's probably a typo because I think that she does still live with Lo and Maura.