Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Heidi Montag Talks ‘Superficial’ with Ryan Seacrest

Today, Heidi officially dropped her debut album, Superficial. Superficial is available for purchase at amazon.com, which asks $9.99 for the digital download.
"The wait is over," Heidi Twittered Tuesday. "I put every dollar I have into this album and put three years of my heart and soul into this! ENJOY!"

Heidi talked to Ryan Seacrest this morning during On Air with Ryan Seacrest, here's an excerpt:
Ryan queried Heidi about why Speidi has been so quiet lately.
"Well this was our first holiday together," Heidi said "this was our first married Christmas together and I've really just been kind of being grounded and figuring out for my big album release. I've spent 3 years on this album and so for me it's just the kind of the calm before the storm because it's about to get just crazy. So I've been really concentrating on this album and how we're going to push it and kind of just been concentrating and really focusing on that."
Ryan asked Heidi if she ironically called her album Superficial.
“No, it’s not ironically called Superficial,” Heidi tried to explain. “I think that superficial is kind of a double entendre. It's superficial in the sense that everything kind of in Hollywood is a little bit superficial, kind of LA like the fakeness of it, and superficial in a positive way too how it's not what it seems and it's the inside that counts, it's kind of the unknown in the known."
Ryan then asked Heidi to clarify the pregnancy rumors and asked if she and Spencer Pratt were trying to have kids.
“Um no, I think right now we’re kind of on hold,” she said. "I think that would kind of be distracting from this album coming up but one day i would love to have kids, but i don't know if Spencer quite feels the same way i do."
credit: On Air with Ryan Seacrest

Click here here to listen to the whole interview

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