Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jayde Nicole Playmate Data Sheet

This was sent to me by Hills Freak reader Cassandra
Cassie wrote: "I wanted people to see that Jayde hasn't had any surgery. You can see especially in the middle picture (grade 8) her eyes, mouth are unique, but real. She has a sister in High School and they look pretty similar and I just thought of her reading some of the things people post. Especially with what Heidi has done to herself, which is tragic, people are making jokes she looks plastic like Jayde. Just when I read how affected Heidi was by what people said about her, I thought about Jayde's little sister.And how she must feel when she reads or hears some things that are so cruel, I don't understand what people enjoy about saying such things. Even if people don't like Jayde, I think it's fair to show proof that she's all natural, as she's always claimed to be."
well said - - thanks Cassie : )!

The media can be particularly hard on women and unfortunately sometimes we are just as hard on each other. If there's one thing this whole Heidi surgery debacle has taught me is that we should all be a little kinder to one another online and in RL.


  1. Agree! I never believed the crap about Jayde having plastic surgery anyway! She eats a vegan healthy diet and exercises heaps so it shouldnt be such a shock that the girl looks awesome! Haters are usually just jealous!

  2. I am so sick of hearing people accuse Jayde of having work done. I have known her since grade 7 and her body and her face looks EXACTLY the same as when she took the bus to school. And to all of you who say shes a beotch, again WRONG. Jayde was one of the nicest girls I have ever met!

  3. Butter face.

    This girl is batshit crazy. Jayde should invest in a string of cosmetic procedures. There's plenty of room for improvement with a face like hers. She has eyes like Joan Rivers. Urrrrgh!