Sunday, January 17, 2010

Joe Frances threatens to liven things up at Voyeur by pulling Jayde's Nicole's Hair (Again!)

After last year's Guys and Dolls incident, things were a bit awkward when Joe Francis arrived at Voyeur while Jayde Nicole was still waiting to get inside the club.
Both struggled to get past the velvet rope, and finally, only Jayde Nicole was allowed inside.
When a photographer complained of being bored, Joe Francis joked, "I mean, do you want me to like go pull Jayde Nicole's hair or something."

Sorry, but how is that funny? Once an a**hole...always an a**hole!


  1. Agreed, the guys a cheap smuck who should have been locked up a long time ago... Everytime i see him on TV i vomit alittle in my mouth, he is eeeewwwww. Glad Jayde made him look like a d!ck once again.

  2. OMG, i just watched the video & noticed something at 0:54. Jayde is trying to get into Voyeur & making calls to make it happen and at 0:54 some guy comes out of the club & says Brody texted me & she says something back to him & then seems to get in. So one would assume Jayde called Brody to tell him she couldnt get in and he texted some dude at the club to ask them to let her in. Why would you call an "ex" for help? & why would an "ex" drop everything to help you like that? Hmmm is it just me or does this make the breakup story even more suss? (gee i love Brody & Jayde together & hope im right!!!)

  3. I caught that too! I thought their breakup was too convenient and public, this kind of confirms there's something going on there, right?