Monday, March 29, 2010

Heidi Montag Shocks Hills Co-stars

It takes a lot to stun this bunch - or raise their eyebrows!
Multiple sources reveal exclusively to that Heidi Montag brought the drama this weekend at a photo shoot for promo pics for the final season of The Hills, and - this time - the dramz was not scripted.
"Heidi showed up with FOUR bodyguards," an onset source tells us. "Audrina, Kristin, Stephanie and Lo were all shocked."
No one knew why Montag felt the need for security at the photo shoot. And, "No one from the cast spoke to her the whole time. Kristin was especially hurt because she and Heidi are friends in real life."
And, as if that wasn't bad enough, Montag's diva behavior did not end there! "Heidi REFUSED to take part in a group shot, even though she had agreed to beforhand," another source shares.
Insiders tell us they will Photoshop her in to the photo.
Is Heidi afraid of her castmates? Trying to send a message? Or just hungry for press???
credit - perez hilton, thanks for the heads up S! :)


  1. WHAAT?! I began to think the former Heidi was back but it seems that a monster took definitely her place! It's disappointed from her, disrespectful for her co-star and ashamed! Her boobs up in her mind!!! sorry if i did some mistakes on my english ;)
    xoxo from France

  2. ^I agree and good job with English from France.

  3. I think Heidi and Spencer are pulling out all the stops (she moved out on him....whatev), bodyguards, ANYTHING to get them attention. Their paychecks are about to be cut off and they need people to be interested in them hoping they get their own show. Ignore all of it so this does not happen. Please.