Thursday, March 4, 2010

Whitney Port: Quick Change in The City

Hard at work on her hit show, Whitney Port showed off her sense of fashion with a variety of outfits while filming in New York City on Wednesday (March 3).
Whitney went to her local deli before hailing a taxi in NYC's West Village neighborhood sporting some sporty green trousers.
A short while later, Whitney showed off some stomach after changing into an animal print crop top that displayed her fit midriff.
Tweeting of the workload, Miss Port wrote, “Longest dayyyy. And its still not over...coming home is getting me through!”
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  1. those olive-green pants are ugly! But, I guess a fashionista like her can wear anything????

  2. i think her outfit w/ the olive green pants are ridiculous
    the other one looks nice except that u can see her feet are kinda big