Monday, April 5, 2010

Audrina Patridge and Ryan Cabrera - Broken up?!

The Hills are alive with the sound of…another breakup!
Sources tell us that Audrina Patridge and Ryan Cabrera are dunzo.
The two were first reported to be dating in February, but today…
"Ryan and Audrina are definitely not together right now," a source who was with the reality starlet this weekend tells us. "It's still a touchy subject for her."
Friends tell us Ms. Patridge isn't exactly feeling too good about the relationship taking a nosedive. She attended Perez Hilton's recent birthday party in L.A. without Cabrera. "Audrina came to Perez's birthday with a girlfriend," one of our sources says. "When she was asked, 'Where's Ryan?' she made a mortified face and changed the subject right away. She gave off a weird vibe and seemed very awkward."
This weekend, as we told you about earlier today, Patridge hosted an afternoon pool party on Saturday at the MGM Grand's Wet Republic in Las Vegas. With no Cabrera in sight, it was assumed he'd skipped the trip to Sin City.
Not so.
He partied later that night at Leona Lewis' birthday bash at Vegas' Pure nightclub with Danny Masterson and New York Giants player Brandon Jacobs, while Patridge had dinner at Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio's Craft Steak followed by Cirque du Soleil's KA show and dancing at Studio 54.
Patridge and Cabrera's romance was shot for the next—and final—season of The Hills. No word if the breakup will be included.
"Audrina's not talking about it," says the source, who was with her in Vegas, "but people were talking about it over the weekend."
credit -, thanks to ladreamer_777 for the heads up :)!

Audrina tweeted earlier:
"I feel like a little kid right now!! playing games w/my lil neice..she is hilarious.. Life is so easy when your 2!"


  1. J'adore ton blog !
    Je le consulte tous les jours. The hills et laguna beach ça a été et ça restera la meilleure des séries :)

    Nouvel article
    ''petit écolier et sa salopette''.

  2. I love you Audrina no matter what is the truth,If you 'Love Ryan' or not? I love you just the way you are,A big sweetheart & full of sunshine always.

  3. Good. She can do sooo much better. He's a D-List celeb, who already had his 15 minutes. And he has bad style (and hair).

  4. Wow what a surprise I am schocked! JOKE
    I mean how many guys have she dated and like this was going to last.

  5. gimme a break, she's young! thats what u do, you date around.

  6. Anyone see what Ryan and Audrina said on Twitter?
    Ryan said yesterday: Slide bar in Fullerton!! Love it
    And Audrina said today: @bristowgrey we missed ya at slide bar last night!! Haha. We must go back soon!!!