Monday, April 12, 2010

Heidi Montag Is Writing a "Bourne-Meets-Barbie" Action Flick

Get ready to see a lot more Heidi Montag on the big screen.
"I’m writing a movie right now. It’s very action packed," the bikini-clad reality star, 23, told Sunday at the opening of the Liquid Pool Lounge at Las Vegas' Aria Resort & Casino.
"It's Bourne-meets-Barbie," adds Montag, referring to Matt Damon's action flicks. Montag would would "of course" play the starring role.
"I would love to be an action star," continues Montag, who recently Twittered she wants to to be the "blonde Tomb Raider."
Montag recently filmed a cameo in Just Go With It alongside Jennifer Aniston. Whose acting career would she rather emulate: Aniston's or the more action-packed Anglina Jolie's?
"Actually, I want a combination of both," says Montag, who was flanked by six bodyguards at the event.
In the meantime, don’t expect her to appear on Dancing With the Stars any time soon. When asked if she’d compete, she told Us, "I would love to host."
credit - Us Weekly

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  1. Oh, this should be great. An "action" star who has to do everything really slow. She can't jog, so the running scenes should be intense. So should the 'knifework'. Will she deflate one of her implants? Now that's suspense!!!!