Saturday, April 10, 2010

Heidi Montag: Hosts Liquid Pool At Aria

Heidi Montag Hosts Liquid Pool at Aria in Las Vegas on April 10, 2010
credit - celeb city, celebrity paradise


  1. Holy crap. Her breasts are so huge!!!!!!

  2. Also, why would anyone bleech their eyebrows.
    She is so tacky, looks middle aged, over bleeched, waxey and way too plastic.

  3. She needs to stop "designing" her clothes.

    Leave it to the experts.

  4. Omg, this is the worst thing I've ever seen.

    LOL - Camera lady: "I could buy a new camera with that shot."

    LOL - Camera man: "Where's Spencer?" Heidi - "We're doing seperate things right now." Camera lady: "Oh they're broken up."

    Okay, first off, Heidi's eyes look so small and I think it's because of the cheek implants that are pushing up her cheeks into her eyes.

    Second off, Her nose looks bigger from the side because the chin is reduced.

    Third off, I think it is horribly sad that Heidi was quoted recently that she didn't even know what a back scoop is, and she had that done. It's also sad she was quoted as saying she didn't realize all that she had done and the recovery, she said she just checked off a sheet with all the procedures she wanted. Hello? What a horrible doctor Dr. Ryan is!

    Too bad, Dr. Ryan has no artistry. He truly screwed up her face. She should have stopped at 2.0 version and he should have turned her away. Instead he cut her up like a pumpkin. Granted she would have gone elsewhere but why would Dr. Ryan want his name attached to that butcher job.


  5. In the 3rd big picture you can see stretch marks all over her butt! And if you look close at her cleavage she has a a pimple breakout. wth is her body rebelling?

    Dr Ryan is a Quack. He did Janice Dickinson's face, nuff said!

  6. her poor father....