Saturday, May 22, 2010

'Hills' Cast Returning From Costa Rica

After filming in Costa Rica for the 100th episode of 'The Hills' the cast arrived back in LA last night
Here's what they tweeted:
Kristin: "Costa Rica was amazing!!"
Stephanie: " Just got home from Costa Rica- it took 3 planes! Trip was incredible but I missed my tweeps!! :)"
Audrina: "I kind of missed hearing monkeys in the trees this morning... "
photo credit - zimbio, celeb city
~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. Was there a sale on stripes???!!

  2. I have that exact sweater Audrina is wearing!! It's from H&M from late summer-early fall 2009!!
    Wore it a bunch this past winter :)

  3. It is weird how they are all wearing stripes lol. Maybe that is a sign that they all got along good in Costa Rica???

  4. lmfao!!!!!!..............

  5. lol at all the stripes!

  6. Not everyone, Brody stayed cause Avril went down there to spend vaccation with him and "surf".