Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Interview With Erin Kaplan: I Want To 'Avoid Saying Something I'll Regret'

On tonight's episode of "The City," Erin Kaplan savored the sweet taste of validation when a focus group chose the Fergie cover she'd been pulling for ever since attending the shoot in L.A. The loyal ELLE employee was never looking for a fight with Joe Zee, just a fair chance to voice her opinion. And by calm(ish)ly reasoning with him (and allowing the readers to speak for themselves), Erin successfully proved that she's got the experience and intuition to steer the mag in the right direction.
We reached out to Erin to get her reactions to seeing tonight's episode, as well as her thoughts on hard work, professionalism and yes, Olivia Palermo. Check out what she had to say:
RC: Why do you think Joe is constantly defending Olivia's strengths as an editor?
EK: I think Joe really believes that she has great personal style and a good eye for fashion. I definitely don't disagree with him on that, but there's so much more to being an editor -- and I'm not sure she realizes that.
RC: You really rallied behind the photo of Fergie that ultimately made the cover –- what about that picture stood out to you over the one Joe liked?
EK: Both covers were incredible, so it would have been difficult to go wrong.
RC: You mentioned to us at the end of last season that you wanted to do a better job of controlling your facial expressions on the show. Is that still a conscious effort, and how is it going for you so far?
EK: It's not going too well! I seem to be making more facial expressions this season, which is pretty embarrassing! I actually think I make so many facial expressions to avoid saying something I'll regret.
RC: Regardless of all the Olivia nonsense, you seem to truly want what's best for the magazine. Do you think Olivia does as well?
EK: There are a few events coming up that make me think she doesn't, but I won't reveal. ... Just from what has aired so far, I think if she wanted what was best for the magazine she would have gone to Whitney's shoot like she was asked. It was her job that day, and it would have been the right thing to do, regardless of her personal feelings. I think we ALL have to do things sometimes that we wish we didn't -- it's just part of the job!
RC: Olivia has a friendship with the new fashion director, Alexis -- is that a good or bad thing?
EK: I think Alexis is amazing and a fantastic addition to ELLE, so if Olivia can learn from her, that's a GREAT thing!

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  1. Fergie looks great in the black with diamonds but the photo is more Cosmo than Elle.