Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lo & Stephanie Comment on Kristin Drug Rumor Drama (video)

credit - pop sugar
~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. whether or not they actually started the rumors, they sure did their part spreading them. I love Lo but that's still wrong.

  2. Well actually, they were only talking about it because this is a reality show we're watching.
    I think it's pathetic that Kristin is blaming Stephanie, it makes me hate her even more.

  3. Ever since Stephanie joined The Hills, I have never cared for her. She instigates drama, always. She makes certain comments to get people riled up. One primary example is Season Five, Part 1, Episode 1. She said to Heidi, "Spencer is flirting with a bunch of girls." When he really was just flirting with one. I just think she enjoys starting shit, and that's why I can see her spreading rumors.

  4. I hate how the hills got so fake, they have to make up rumors to get ratings? what happend to the good'ol days work/boy drama and stuff like that. No Drugs/DUI(altought that one is real)/Plastic Surgery/ Magic-Cristal drama...

    greeetz from holland!

  5. Kristin is blaming everyone else to deflect attention from herslf! Stephanie said it best on the eppy: It was probably someone Kristin was partying with...