Friday, May 7, 2010

Whitney Port on Whitney Eve

StyleList: What's the inspiration for the second season?
Whitney Port: I combined my Los Angeles aesthetic and my New York aesthetic. I wanted to keep femininity, but mix it with a New York, streety edge. I played a lot with textures and classic silhouettes. There's a lot of sparkle and a lot of sequins – she's a glamorous rock-and-roll chick.
SL: You've been living in Manhattan for two years. What's your take on East Coast versus West Coast style?
WP: I think it's a lot more fashion forward here. Whereas New York is trendsetting, LA is trendy. New York is such a melting pot of cultures. Style is influenced by the world here, as opposed to the beachy vibe you get in Los Angeles.
SL: You've worked your way around the fashion industry, haven't you?
WP: I started at WWD as an intern, then I went to Teen Vogue and worked there as a fashion contributor, then to People's Revolution to do fashion PR, and then to Diane von Furstenberg. I decided that after all of those avenues, design was what I wanted to do and invested in myself and started this project.
SL: You called it a project.
WP: I kind of looked at it at first as an art project, just like a fun hobby, which is what I think a job should be. I started sourcing fabrics and making things that were pretty and beautiful that I would wear, and wasn't so savvy about the business of it. It's difficult – you do what you love and don't necessarily think of the business side of it. It's taken a bunch of people to reign me in, making it more affordable and accessible.
SL: So do you have any fashion regrets?
WP: The only thing that sticks out is this bright orange, kind of balloony, long-sleeve dress I wore that was forced on me, in a way. I wasn't strong enough to push back at that point. I've matured a little bit since then.
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~Kelli at Hills Freak

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