Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Heidi Montag: Santa Monica Courthouse Photo Op

The Speidi split story continues.
Heidi Montag filed for legal separation from husband Spencer Pratt in a Santa Monica, Calif. courthouse on Tuesday, a court clerk confirmed to UsMagazine.com. The forlorn reality star was also photographed entering the building -- and her wedding ring was missing from left hand.
Montag, 24, did not file for divorce; a legal separation means that Heidi's earnings will become hers alone from the date of separation.
Reality stars Montag and Pratt, 26, wed in April 2009.
But is Montag's court appearance -- a week after her rep confirmed a split to Us -- just another publicity stunt?
"This breakup is the latest part of Spencer's master plan," an insider recently told Us Weekly, explaining that the couple is in panic mode now that The Hills is winding down. Another source adds that duo is "laughing over" the breakup headlines "and having a blast."
credit - Us Weekly, photo credit - celebrity paradise
~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. she has a smile in some of the photos!!!
    LMAO look at the photos when she's coming out the door!!!

  2. Thanks for posting these! I think it's a publicity stunt but will turn into some ugly war of words and then divorce. Just my prediction I could be wrong.

  3. Why does Heidi need 5 bodyguards?! Serously?!

  4. I mean, I think she was just smiling because the man next to her was opening the door for her, like out of politeness you know?

    I have no idea if her and Spencer's split is genuine but I don't think you can really fake something like this at a courthouse.. =/

  5. funny that there was someone there to photograph it all as it happened. im sure the paps dont usually hang around outside court houses...

  6. ^there is always a paparazzi rep at the courthouse because all prior days events are filed and public record. They live at the courthouse and can call someone to be here asap.

  7. omg wear a bra...she obviously need one now

  8. Not liking the nips either.