Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lauren Conrad: Chloe Likes to Chew Gum!

When Lauren Conrad's rescue pup Chloe has fresh breath, the reality starlet knows something is amiss. "She'll go through our purses and find chewing gum," Conrad says. "She chews it and then spits it out. I always know when she's been chewing it — she has minty breath!"
Speaking to on Friday at the MTV Movie Awards' Cesar Canine Cuisine Lounge in Beverly Hills, Conrad says Chloe's silly habit has earned her the title of "naughty" dog.
But the former Hills star claims her Lab-shepherd mix is an easy-going companion, despite her quirks. "She loves wearing sunglasses. Well, at least she lets us put them on her," she shares. "And she'll sit there while we watch TV, but I really don't know which show is her favorite."
Claiming Chloe is "not pampered," Conrad, who picked up a personalized box of Cesar Canine Cuisine on Friday with the pooch's picture on the label, says she feeds her organic dry food and treats her to new stuffed animals when her existing toys get gross.
But she does get a little lenient when it comes to slipping her famous pooch some people food. "She'll stand there while we're cooking and wait for us to drop something," Conrad says. "Anything we're cooking she'll eat. We try not to feed her pizza, but we will feed her chicken." Lucky dog!

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~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. Way to go Lauren, what a responsible dog owner..! Chewing gum is freaking gangerous for dogs! There is an ingredient that really is toxicant for them! >:/

  2. are you for real? she doesn't give it to him. he rummages for it.

  3. I agree with number 1. Purses usually have zippers. Otherwise she's doing a good job.